‘Lucifer’ Season 2 News, Spoilers: Threats To Chloe’s Life Continue; Lucifer Ties The Knot In Vegas, Will Chloe Be His Bride?

"Lucifer" season 2, episode 10 is going to change Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe's (Lauren German) lives as the devil realizes that he is developing much deeper feelings than he should. Lucifer becomes more protective of Chloe now that his mother, Charlotte (Tricia Helfer), is set on making her son return to heaven no matter what it takes. Season 2 will continue to be an intense battle for Lucifer as he tries to keep his loved ones safe. The latest spoilers reveal that Lucifer will be on his toes for the entire season as he tries to watch out for everyone who matters to him.

"Lucifer Season 2" Spoilers

"Lucifer" season 2 is starting to become more exciting as the devil starts to realize that his fascination with Chloe is more than just a passing fancy. In "Lucifer" season 2, episode 9, Dr. Linda made him realize that his feelings for Chloe may be deeper but this attachment to a human may be his biggest weakness. Charlotte already realized this and he will try to threaten Chloe to make Lucifer do what she wants - come home.

Based on the latest spoilers, the rest of the season will be emotional as Lucifer's loved ones continue to be in danger. In "Lucifer" season 2, episodes 12 and 13, a neuroscience professor D. Jacob Carlisle (Tim DeKay) will cause someone's death. There's no news on yet on what would happen to cause such death and who would be involved. However, the number of people who matter to Lucifer is quite short and Chloe is definitely on top of the list. 

Lucifer Ties The Knot In Vegas

Among the hottest spoilers for "Lucifer" season 2 is the devil's upcoming nuptials. Based on these rumors, Lucifer will come home with a bride from Vegas. This bride is supposedly a former stripper. Some believe that the new bride will be introduced on episode 14 which is entitled "Candy Morningstar."

Unless Chloe is a former stripper, the best guess is that the wife would be someone new. There are many theories on Lucifer's new bride and some suggest that it would be his way to deny his feelings for Chloe.

"Lucifer" season 2 airs every Monday on Fox at 9 p.m. ET.

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