Got An NES Classic Edition? Here’s Your Guide To Cheats, Tips, Tricks And More

Got An NES Classic Edition? Here’s Your Guide To Cheats, Tips, Tricks And More
Super Mario Bros is just one of the games available in the NES Classic Edition console. Photo : nesguide/YouTube

The comeback of the NES Classic Edition is quite a success for Nintendo. The 30 games included it in brings back some very fond memories of the classic retro games that gamers have enjoyed from before. As a plug-and-play console with an HDMI port, you can easily plug the NES Classic Edition into your TV and enjoy some of Nintendo's best classics like Mario Bros, Donkey Kong and Legend of Zelda to name a few.

NES Classic Cheats, Tips, Tricks And More

But even with its remastered games, winning some of the games in the NES Classic Edition is not that easy. You may have forgotten some of the gameplay already and you would need some boost up to level into the games. Our answer? A little bit of cheats, a dash of tips and other more tricks to help your gameplay. If it's your only chance to play the retro titles included in the game, then don't miss out some of these tips and tricks that we're about to tell you. Ready? Here we go:

Balloon Fight

Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's late President, was the original creator of Balloon Fight. Contrary to its name, Balloon Fight is an arcade game that follows a Joust-style gameplay where your survival depends mostly on the floaty physics of the game and your dexterity. As the title implies, your balloons are very important and you can't afford to lose even one. Why, losing one balloon will make navigating harder for you. Besides, your enemies will take advantage of re-inflating their own balloons and fly at you with vengeance. To avoid this, you have to knock off your enemies once they land on a platform. If you don't want to die early, don't stay too close to the water so you don't get eaten by the man-eating fish and don't touch spark ends or it will be your end.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is literally playing King Kong on NES. This arcade barrel-jumping game will spur you into quick action and you can win the first part of the game. It's the next levels that will get you off your seat. Our best advice? Don't hang around barrels coated in oil that turns into a fireball. Grab every hammer you see to bash your enemies and earn huge bonuses. Steer away from broken ladders and if you want some extra points, jump over double-barrels.

Donkey Kong Jr

If Donkey Kong will have you jumping over barrels, Donkey Kong Jr will have you climbing vines for some action. You'll be slower if you only hold onto one vine so grabbing two vines will make everything quicker for you. Like the Jumpman, keep yourself from falling. Also, make sure that you don't waste your fruit falls. If there's no snapjaws or birds to use it for, then don't touch fruits and waste your points.

Double Dragon II: The Revenge

If you're into side-scrolling games, then Double Dragon II is one of the best titles to play. But with the NES Classic Edition, you're probably going to die early. But if you don't want to die and start all over again, you can do some cheats to just start on the particular time where you died into the game. So read our instructions carefully.

If you die on either Stage 2 or Stage 3, just press up then right then down then left then press A and B on the screen where it shows Game Over. If you die on Stage 4, Stage 5 or Stage 6, you press up then down then left then right then press B, A then A again on the screen. If you die on Stage 7, Stage 8 or Stage 9, press A twice then B twice then down then go up then go right then go left on controller 2. Preferably, you should have an extra controller since the NES Classic Edition only has one. Also, if you're not yet aware of it, all the pressing down of buttons and going up, down, left and right is done using the controller. You just do these hacks when you see the Game Over screen before you.

Ghosts 'n Goblins

Another infamous game from Nintendo's library is Ghosts 'n Goblins. This game is somewhat hard to win and the game characters might have you re-thinking about playing another level. Here's a tip: on the title screen on the d-pad, hold down the right button then press B three times. Let go of the right button then press up. Press B again three more time and touch the left button once. Press B three more time for the third down then hold it down. Press B three more times for the fourth and the last time then hit start. What does it do? It makes the notoriously hard game easier for you because you get a level select code.

Mario Bros

Mario Bros is a turtle-kicking game that lets you fight single-handedly or with another. Using your POW block wisely will help you kick all your enemies easily when they flip on the floor. Don't use the POW block on the first three levels since they are easy enough. Use it when your screen gets filled with enemies. If you're going to use POW block on Fighter Flies, make sure that they touch the ground or the shockwave won't affect them. You can also kill fireballs, which are the bane of Mario Bros, by using the POW block or simply hitting the platform they touch. The only challenge with doing these is that fireballs are more erratic in movement so defeating them is harder to achieve.

The Legend Of Zelda

One of the best games in the NES Classic Edition is The Legend of Zelda series. But then again, The Legend of Zelda and The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link are not the easiest game to play in NES. You'd have to have a guide to find dungeon entrances, get plenty of rupees and get magic and heart containers, too.

In Level 1, the dungeon is located in the tree trunk. In Level 2, Level 3 and Level 6, the dungeon is in the cave. The dungeon in Level 4 requires that you use a Raft to get to it. In Level 5, going to the dungeon is a series of going right, up, right, up, left and up. On Level 7, the dungeon can be found on the staircase. On Level 8, the suspicious bush is the dungeon's entrance. Lastly, on Level 9, you have to bomb the left rock to see the final dungeon. You also have to find the five heart containers to help extend your health bar. The Moblins will also reward you with 100 rupees each if you remain mum about their hiding places. The Moblins stays in a staircase, a bush and a secret passage in a mountain wall.

The Legend Of Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link

Compared to the Legend of Zelda, the Adventure of Link only has four heart containers to extend the health bar of Link. The heart containers are located in a ring of trees, a cave, an invisible ocean palace and a shoreline on the Three-Eye Rock. For the magic containers, you should go to Parapa Palace, Spectacle Rock, Maze Island and an old lady's house. As for the old lady, she's the one wearing the blue dress, so follow her into the basement where the fourth magic container is.

If you weren't able to get yourself an NES Classic Edition, you might want to try some of these alternatives. Stay tuned as well for some more tips when playing using the NES to help you get into those retro games just like before. Want something more from us? Let us know in the comment section.

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