Here's How Niantic Is Improving Events Communication In Pokemon GO

Contrary to what most players expected, Niantic is actually on the roll with Pokemon GO. It seems like in a short period of time the studio has a brand new update or changes being added. And it's actually a good thing. It goes to show just how passionate they are with the title. Now, the developers are trying to tackle a very sensitive issue that the community has mostly been complaining about -- communications, that is.

It's no secret that in the past few months, communication isn't something that fans can liken to the company. Despite the suggestions and whatnots, the devs seem to have blind ears or something. And yes, this even resulted to a significant decline in the player pool.

However, things are starting to change in Pokemon GO -- and it's going on the right direction. According to Otakukart, Niantic is working on a certain feature that'll be integrated alongisde the push notifications. This is meant to inform the players -- all over the world -- about certain events.

In one way or another, this is a good sign from the company as well as for the future of the mobile game. The aforementioned process will basically help players to be updated from time to time. And not just that; through it, they won't have to burden themselves with research, as the feature does the job already.

This so-called Pokemon GO feature is already working, though it may only cover a couple of players. Reddit user DonHanado, in particular, shared a screenshot of a push notification he received from Niantic. It informed him about an event that's taking place from Nov. 23 to Nov. 30. The aforesaid event refers to the double XP and Stardust.

As mentioned, not all players are receiving these updates. There are those who're complaining about not receiving even a single one. It's worth noting that this feature is still new and that the studio might just be testing it out to selected users. Regardless, it's a great system to have.

What are your thoughts on this new Pokemon GO feature? Have you received the same notification already? What can you say about it? Let us know at the comment section below!

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