Pangu's iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool Release Imminent, But Apple Is Unfazed By Threat

By Adie Pie , Nov 29, 2016 02:30 AM EST

It was September when Apple officially released the brand new iOS 10 to the public. Since then, Pangu has not released its jailbreak tool, despite claims that the group was in possession of such. With iOS 10.2 already in the works and the holidays coming closer and closer, the Chinese hacking team no longer has an excuse to hide behind.

According to Neurogadget, it is possible that Pangu will release the jailbreak tool right in time for the holidays. The timing is reportedly ideal because Apple is expected to release its latest update - iOS 10 - sometime within the next few weeks. Reportedly, this will work in favor of the group, since the took will be valid for a longer time.

The last tool that Pangu released was for iOS 9.3.3, despite claims from the Cupertino-based company that it had already fixed the bugs found in iOS 9.3, which allowed the jailbreak in the first place. There is, therefore, plenty of hope in the smartphone market that a jailbreak tool will be released even amidst claims that Apple's security features cannot be penetrated. The demand is certainly there as well, so the group still has an audience to answer to.

Morning News USA adds that iOS 10.2 is likely to be out by December, since it is already on its third beta. Once it is released, the clamoring public should be able to get is hands on the first iOS 10 jailbreaking tool. The publication goes go on to say, however, that Apple is completely unfazed by this threat.

The company has claimed more than once that their latest OS is unbreakable. And while there have been select individuals who have showed off their jailbreak successes, nothing has been made public. Logically, it does seem like iOS 10 cannot be broken into. However, all these things may change within the next few weeks.

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