'The Big Bang Theory' Season 11 Not Happening: Here's Why The Popular Series Is Cancelled

By stphntapulao , Nov 30, 2016 04:21 AM EST

'The Big Bang Theory' has form part of every TV series fanatic's daily habit. With its 10th season currently showing, speculations kept rising that its 11th season would be impossible to happen. Others believed that the occurrence of the much-awaited installment would largely depend on the cast who would go back for yet another premiere of the show.

Jim Parsons Leaves 'Big Bang Theory', Actor's Working On A Show In Freeform

According to Movie News Guide, one of the reasons why the 'Big Bang Theory' Season 11 won't happen is because of Jim Parsons, who portrays the role of Sheldon Cooper. As the main star of the series, he has the biggest responsibility to carry on the weight of the show and with him leaving would make a huge difference. Jim is reportedly working in a new series on Freeform and is busy with the prequel of 'The Big Bang Theory'

Aside from Parson, Kaley Cuoco is also leaving the show. Fans have been speculating that Kaley won't make any return in the series and her exit has never been surprised to anyone. With this, sources stated that the producers of the show are having a hard time looking for a replacement of her character.

Characters Of 'Big Bang Theory' Have Changed, Is This A Great Indication Of A Finale?

Furthermore, viewers of the show also observed the drastic changes of the characters from the 1st season up to the 10th. Some characters that were shy at first became too loud in the succeeding installments. With all of this, fans are asking if these are numerous indicators that the finale of the show is really coming.

No one has confirmed or deny any allegations from the show. Fans are in highest hopes that all are just false rumors and they would see Sheldon Cooper in many seasons in the future.

The 10th season of 'The Big Bang Theory' is still showing on CBS.

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