The Most Fascinating Modern Technologies That Are Way Older Than You Could Imagined It

Modern technologies
Many of the newest innovations that exists in the world are inspired in older inventions that for many reasons weren´t successful at that time, and were cancelled by its inventors.
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These days, there are some modern technologies that have been characterized by changing the way in which people saw the present, getting into a futuristic manner of doing some things that thanks to new products, are now much easier and incredible. However, what almost no one knows is that some of these modern technologies are way older than anyone can expect, and here are some of the best examples.

Social Media Already Existed In The 70´s

Since Myspace was created back in the days, social media started an incredible rise that innovated the entire world, since it gave a very easy and spectacular alternative to communicating with your friends through a comfortable and entertaining system. It is an undeniable fact that this is modern technology that will probably stay till the end of times, changing the forms but staying with the main essence.

However, far from being something that was created in the late 90´s , this innovation have its origins in the 70´s, where a group of friends that were very into computers managed to create a bulletin board system, using a mainframe computer that was linked many others through the community.

Naturally, this was something extremely slow that only worked at 10 characters per second, but the people knew another way of communicating and share information. Some years later the Bulletin Board also came into use, and it was so similar to the main essence of today´s social media that people would get "online" to chat with their friends.

Electric Cars: One Of The Greatest Modern Technologies That Are Extremely Older

When the electric car was released some years ago, people felt they were entering into a whole new era in which vehicles will no longer use gas, which could make things a lot of easier and at the same time avoiding the damage that gas-powered cars usually do to nature. We´re talking about what has been considered as one of the modern technologies that would even mark how the near future will be.

However, this incredible innovation is actually 200 years old, since, in the early 1800´s, some investors were already developing a small-scale car, releasing the first practical vehicle around the mid-19th century in England and France, with the capacity of carrying six passengers, and travel at approximately 14 miles per hour.

Although these vehicles were superior to gas-powered cars when the electrical sources were confined to cities when Texas crude oil was discovered when the gas became very cheap and the infrastructure improved, these cars were no longer useful, and the rest is a history that you already know. Unless you´ve seen an electric car before the 21st century, of course.

Vaping Was Already Created Back In The Late 20s

This is one of the modern technologies that is having a boom in popularity right now, and many smokers that don't want to die of cancer but doesn't want to stop smoking either, have seen this product as some kind of Holy Grail, considering that it is extremely less risky than having a normal cigarette. However, just as the previous cases on this article, the Vaping is actually a very old technology that was used again in 2003.

Believe it or not, this product was based on a nicotine vaporizer but were patented in 1927, but ended up being a complete failure considering that at that moment, smoking was extremely popular and the health risk was totally unknown by the people, so this device was seen as some kind of bad joke. However, it was designed once again in 1960, but even when the health issues were now a fact, it remained as an obsolete project and was soon canceled.

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