‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6 Spoilers, News And Updates: 2 Main Characters Will Die? More Scenes For Malia?

By Joseph S. , Nov 30, 2016 05:40 AM EST

Jeff Davis, the executive producer of "Teen Wolf" season 6 has leaked some information about the show. One of the info he shared is about Malia Tate. Apparently, she will have more screen time in the upcoming season.

Read At Your Own Risks: Here Are The Spoilers

Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'brien) is still the focus of "Teen Wolf" season 6. David said one of the highlights of the final season is Malia Tate. She will be able to show her funny side and her acting prowess without having to be involved in a relationship with either Stillinski or Nathan (Ross Butler).

"We really wanted to give Malia a lot to do this year," said Davis in a TVLine interview. "I told my writers to make a list of everything we really wanted to do this season, and one of those things was to give Malia a really good storyline," he added. In "Teen Wolf" season 6 Malia is the biological daughter of Corinne, the Desert Wolf, and Peter Hale. She will have some interactions with the humans in Beacon Hills.

Two Main Characters To Die In The Final Season

In the interview with Screener TV, Davis also commented on the death of a major character in "Teen Wolf" season 6. He admitted that this death has been one of the topics discussed in order to make the final season more impressive. He also mentioned that one or two of the characters may meet their end in the show's last season.

What About The Relationship Of Malia and Nathan?

Davis has also shared some info about the relationship of Malia Tate and Nathan. He said they liked to give her more scenes since she also has some needs to be satisfied. Davis also asked what she would be like if she has no relationship with Stiles in "Teen Wolf" season 6. "There were two characters we wanted to see not in a relationship this season, and that was Scott and Malia. It provides a nice new perspective on her and how she's still learning things about how to act with humans in a human society," Davis said.

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