Why Horizon: Zero Dawn Storyline Is Different From Typical Video Games; Originally Not Meant To Be RPG

One of 2017 highly awaited games, Horizon: Zero Dawn has recently been making waves for its deep narrative as players are said to connect to the game's protagonist. Set to be released in Feb. 28, 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn is developed by Guerilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

In a recent interview with Redbull Games, Writer John Gonzales has this to say on Horizon: Zero Dawn: "Horizon Zero Dawn story will be deep and human, helping players to connect with Aloy." He also emphasized that it's important for Aloy, the main protagonist, to know where she hails from so she actually has a deeper reason to go out on this quest, which in a way will find players deeply immersed to connect to her.

Gonzales also added that Horizon: Zero Dawn's main character is an outcast which makes it easier for players to relate to her. "She is after something that means a lot to her and I think the way that is set up in the game means that it matters to players, too," Gonzales said.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is also focused on Aloy's humanity, making "connection to character" as the main forefront of this action role-playing video game. It will not also be a power fantasy, Gonzales said. While players may find a lot of different choices to make in this game, Alloy is said not to have the chance to "lay waste to everything in front of her". Players will find themselves plunging deeper into Horizon: Zero Dawn tactical gameplay in order to overcome obstacles, something Gonzales find similar to David and Goliath's story.

In short, Horizon: Zero Dawn is a mix of a plethora of elements as the gameplay, narrative and design all synch together to weave a tale of humanity and self-consciousness.

In addition, the development team didn't actually start thinking that they are going to make Horizon: Zero Dawn into an RPG game. Instead, they were focused in creating an open world video game.

"We've been working at this concept from the point of view of a developer, thinking about what kind of elements could work with this game and its concept. And then we've added everything you see in it. We haven't said from the start that this will be an RPG, and it necessarily needs to have these features. It was always decided that we should have worked on the concept, adding features and other stuff based on what's best for this game," Director of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mathis de Jonge, told Gameinformer.

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