Reasons Why Final Fantasy XV Is A Pretty Good Game Despite Initial Negativity

Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy has received mixed emotions when it came out but it would still stand out as a pretty good game. Find out why. Photo : YouTube

I know I haven't picked up Final Fantasy XV yet because I'm afraid to waste another $60 for a hyped game. After my No Man's Sky incident, I decided not to get impulsive with very hyped up games and wait for everyone else to get the game and tell me it's that good. Here is what I've gathered so far, and so far, so good it is.

10 years in development and the game has finally come out. Final Fantasy XV is one of the gaming industry's most anticipated games and it has received a mix of reactions. Some say it's very exciting and worth the wait. Others say it's a videogame about boyband rejects and pretty much a waste of time. This article will list some stuff that might convince the negative thinkers about the game to pick up a copy right away.

The game is actually pretty good. The combat system is very challenging. It's also fast and wild. The game's characters might look like a boyband, or rejected from one but they are quite compelling when you start to play the game. Final Fantasy XV seemingly follows the styles of Dragon Age and Skyrim as it offers gamers tons of things to do. The world is full of towns and side quests.

According to Kotaku, the rhythm of this game, though similar to most modern RPGs, is quite different and there's something into it that makes you think that it's something new. Ultimately, the review thinks that Final Fantasy XV has got everything the reviewer wants from a Final Fantasy game.

Half of the time in Final Fantasy XV, you will find yourself cruising along the beautiful coastlines and mountainous areas of Lucis, while fighting against the Empire, of course. From time to time, the game gets light and cutsence tend to be clunky and needs a touch of writing. But for a game this huge, it's excusable, especially if you get to know Noctis and the gang.

As said earlier, there are tons to do in Final Fantasy XV. Activities like fishing, crafting magic, racing chocobo, or simply enjoying the beautifully crafted scenery, will keep you occupied for hours and hours of play. Kodus to the graphics guys who did beautiful assets for the game.

The camera angles can be a pain in the butt for Final Fantasy XV, also a lot of plots get unresolved. But when you realize you're tired and decide to put down the controller to take breaks, you will realize that it's still a Final Fantasy game. After all, fans are waiting for it for 10 years.

Overall, and from what I've gathered from Final Fantasy XV reviews. The game is worth it to buy whether or not you're an RPG fan. I don't play RPG that often and I'd get bored quickly, this is why I did not pick up the game on day one. I used my waiting game technique for games I'm not so hyped about. My general impression of the game improved from boy band RPG to respectable depiction of magical RPG injected to modern times.

Been playing Final Fantasy XV lately? What do you generally think about the game? Send us your thoughts and reviews via the comments section below. Until then, keep it here and keep gaming.

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