Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Relationship Problem, Is The Hollywood Star Not Trusting The Rapper Anymore?

Fans have witness the ups and downs of the relationship of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. And just this past few days, it seems like the two are yet to face another testing in their relationship. Sources told that Kim is so over with the character of West. With all the controversies that the two have faced, will people see yet another divorce in the entertainment industry?

Kanye West Is Getting In The Nerves Of Partner Kim Kardashian, Are Their Relationship Already Over?

According to Movie News Guide, Kim Kardashian already gave up on the negative things that they are experiencing as a couple. She already reached the limit of understanding her partner, Kanye.

Sources even told that different news publication have already looked out on the massive weight loss that is happening in the life of Kim. They reiterated that that the elite star have been anxious of different events that has happened between her and Kanye.

However, some cleared that the reason behind her lost is because of her healthy lifestyle and controlled eating. Fans have been blunt of their admiration in the artist when it comes to health and fashion.

Also, one of the shocking events that had happened between Kanye and Kim is the Paris Robbery. News told that the two were very frightened and traumatized with what happen. Reports told that Kim won't be doing Keeping up With Kardashians anymore due to fear as she suffers multiple panic attacks.

Kanye West's Suffers Breakdown During Concert Tour, Is The Rapper Still Not Over With What Happened In His Family?

On the other hand, people from all over the world were shocked with what happened during Kanye West's concert tour, he acted strange on stage and became dysfunctional.

As of this moment, Kanye is undergoing treatment and is not yet stable. Reports told that Kim had been there for Kanye ever since the emergency had happened. The supporters of the two Hollywood stars wishes only the best for the couple.

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