Pokemon Go Update: Things That Niantic Could Get From Recent Global Missions Of Sun And Moon

By Sarene Mae Butao , Dec 01, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Pokemon Sun and Moon has recently hosted a global mission where players from around the globe are requested to participate for completing assigned tasks. For instance, if the global mission states that players should catch 1 million Pokemon, they will be rewarded with a grand prize if this goal will be achieved. If not, there will still be rewards for participating.

According to the report from Otakukart, Niantic might have something to learn from this current event. As reported, the company has the history of creating large events in particular areas with their first game Ingress. These major events were held with a scheduled time and place. So far, Niantic has successfully gathered a great number of attendance for these said events.

Niantic will have a variety of ways for these events to happen such as conducting fun and different activities in a particular place. Apparently, several Pokemon Go fans believe that these global events will soon arrive to the augmented reality game. As seen on Pokemon Go's official trailer, players were gathered in one place to catch a specific legendary Pokemon. However, if these kind of events will happen, it is expected to cause some problems.

Sources said that it would be a problem since not everyone can participate. Some main factors are players do not have enough time, money or means to travel to a larger city just to participate on these events. In addition, distance is also a huge problem for players living in rural areas and players having disabilities.

Meanwhile, the recent global mission from Nintendo is a good framework for Niantic to follow. Basically, Niantic could combine these ideas in their future events. It might be either a global or regional event having a specific mission and players participating and completing the mission should receive a big reward. These global missions could be an avenue to strengthen the community of Pokemon Go. Additionally, fans are hoping that Niantic keeps all players in mind when hosting these large events.


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