Final Fantasy XV Guide: Road To The Coolest Secret Dungeon

There is actually a dungeon in Final Fantasy XV and it can be fun to look for it. Upon the completion of Final Fantasy XV, there will be a plain quest which can be a means to upgrade the players' car into an airship or the Regalia Type F. This might sound more fun, but it is also quite tricky. This requires the players to only travel through roads which do not assure you of precise landing mechanism.

It is therefore necessary for gamers to simply continue driving. However, if the player wants to discover a great secret, a dungeon can be seen within a hidden corner of the map. There is no clear indicator of this since the map is mostly composed of puzzles and platforms, according to Kotaku.

To get to the dungeon, a yellow line should be found near the Rock of Ravatogh. Its existence might be a little bit minute, but once the player will get the Regalia Type-F, it will allow the player to land and park automatically on that certain spot. It's quite tricky when landing on that part, so a video by the player lucied13 can be the best guide for those who are having trouble.

Upon landing, it will now be easy to walk into the dungeon which you can only enter during night time. Entering the dungeon might be a satisfying yet frustrating experience in playing the game. It is assured that there will be no monsters or battles, but there will be lots of puzzles and platforming. It might take around five hours to beat this level.

It should be noted that this game will not be finished, until the player will reach the roof. There will be good items which you can find along the way. It is also better to have the HUD turned off in order to have a better experience.

Final Fantasy XV is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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