Blindspot' Season 3 Happening Real Soon, Season 2 To End Up With A Big Revelation

By stphntapulao , Dec 02, 2016 03:53 AM EST

After a long pause in the 2nd Season of 'Blindspot', certain news have already spread that the third season is already planned. With new episodes coming on our way, fans are greatly excited with what's going to happen next in the series. Should viewers expect a great amount of twists and turns for its characters?

'Blindspot' Season 2 Suffer Great Loss In Viewership Ratings, Creators Already Planned What To Do Next

In one of Movie News Guide reports, Blindspot is reportedly suffering a great fluctuation in its ratings. It was told that the premiere episode is the highest for the season with 1.50 rating from the 18-49 demographic.

However, it was quite less than what Season 1 had during its airtime. It was stated that the first installment got a staggering rating of 3.12 from the same demographic. The average viewership of the 1st season is greater compare to what the 2nd season is currently experiencing.

But it seems like the creators already knew what to do regarding the ratings. Fans were greatly excited when sources told that the next episodes would have surprising twists and revelations regarding its characters. During its midseason finale, mysteries were needed to be solved by Jane Doe and Kurt Weller, a good indicator that the next previews would be action-packed.

Martin Gero, the show's creator, admitted that secrets would be found out during the upcoming episodes. He stated in an interview:

 "A lot of the question you've asked - like, why the tattoos, what's Shepherd's endgame - a lot of the big mythology questions are going to be answered in these next 13 episodes,"

Martin Gero Admits That Blindspot Season 2 Unfolds Greatest Revelation In The Upcoming Episodes

Moreover, Martin Gero revealed that the future episodes of 'Blindspot' Season 2 will be more intense and explosive. He even told that there would be a great revelation in the end.

Make sure to catch the episode 10 of 'Blindspot' Season 2 that will air on Jan. 4, 2017 on NBC.

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