iPhone 7s Pro: Apple's Secret iPhone For 2017?

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were just released this year. However, despite its success, fans and critics are saying that Apple has been withholding its resources in making the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus because the company is gearing up for the iPhone's 10th anniversary next year. If this is true, then what can we expect from the iPhone 7s or iPhone 8? Will there be also an iPhone 7s Pro just like the iPhone 7 has its iPhone 7 Plus?

The 2017 iPhones Will Have A Better Looking And Advance OLED And AMOLED Display?

In a written article at Digital Trends, not all iPhones in 2017 will share the same high-end design. According to rumors, only about 50 million iPhones will have this technology. Though 50 million is an impressive number, it is still a far cry from the 200 million iPhones that were sold this year.

Why Only 50 million iPhones Will Have The Advance OLED And AMOLED Display?

According to Bloomberg, the four main suppliers of OLED panels don't have the production capacity to produce that many OLED panels. It is said that this production problem will continue until 2018. It is also said that among these four main suppliers, Samsung is the sole provider of OLED panels this year for Apple and unfortunately, could not meet the demand.

So How Many iPhone Models Is Apple Planning To Make Next Year And Where Does The iPhone 7s Pro Stand?

Based on the rumors, there will be 3 iPhone models next year. One model which will not be included in the 50 million iPhones equipped with the "advance" technology and the other two which will be part of the exclusive group. About the two, it is said that one will feature OLED display (iPhone 7s/8) and the other will feature AMOLED display (iPhone 7s Pro). As for the iPhone 7s Pro, it is rumored to be quite expensive compared to the other two.

An Important Warning

It is no secret that the iPhone is one of the most anticipated devices next year. And with everyone's high anticipation, numerous reports and speculations have been circulating around the web, making it hard to differentiate what is legit and what is not. So before you take this article as evidence that there will be an iPhone 7s Pro, please bear in mind that Apple has yet to confirm about the existence of this device. With that being said, hopefully, this article doesn't become misleading and will someday share the fact that there really is an iPhone 7s Pro.

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