Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Back To Each Others' Arms Again, Both Still In Love

By stphntapulao , Dec 02, 2016 05:48 AM EST

Marc Anthony seems to have not got over yet with ex-partner Jennifer Lopez. News started to speculate that the performer is still in love with the 'American Idol' judge when he kissed Lopez at the 17th annual Latin Grammy Awards. Sources told that Marc is trying to win back the singer.

Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Broke Up With Recent Partners, Beau Smart And Shannon De Lima

It was remembered that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony decided to end their seven years of marriage last 2011. The two were reportedly single as of now, as Anthony reportedly ended his relationship with his third wife, Shannon De Lima. It was also told that Lopez has already separate ways with her choreographer boyfriend Beau Smart last August.

The two seems to have formed a connection again because of their same passion in music. Sources told that the two are currently teaming up for Jennifer's album. People close to them have already observed their great chemistry when making music. One of the people closest to them admitted:

"That's how they came together last time. There is just this chemistry between them."

Jennifer Lopez And Mark Anthony Back On Each Others' Arms Again After Breakup With Respective Partners

Inquisitr stated that Marc Anthony has always been in loved with Lopez and that their love with each other will never run out. Sources even told that the two had put their best effort to fight for their relationship before deciding to divorce. Marc has always been tagged as passionate when it comes to his love to the singer and that winning back would be easy for him.

"[Jennifer's] not a girl who's comfortable on her own, so when the Casper [Smart] thing fizzled, Jennifer zeroed in on Marc,'

Both parties have neither confirmed nor deny all allegations regarding their relationship. Fans have their highest hopes that the two will decide based on the comforts of their kids and loved ones.

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