Dota 2 News: Jimmy “Demon” Ho Speaks Up About The Oversight of True Sight

By K.C , Dec 02, 2016 04:10 AM EST

True Sight Episode 2 two follows the endeavors of two teams, Evil Geniuses and Fnatic on their road to the Boston Major. This behind-the-scene documentary film highlights the ups-and-downs on both parties and how they overcome such inevitable hardships along their way. But according to one featured player, True Sight failed to provide emphasis on some of the player's perspectives and somewhat misled the many from the truth and actual facts.

Dota 2 True Sight Episode 2

According to Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho, True Sight failed to showcase the actual "behind-the-scenes" of Fnatic's road to the Boston Major. Ho implied that contrary to how Mushi was indirectly portrayed in the film as a "cancerous" type of person, in actuality, the veteran Malaysian player and captain of Fnatic was very helpful to the team when it comes to formulating strategies, coaching and advises.

In a Reddit post, Ho expressed his concern about how wrongly Mushi was depicted on the film. He stressed out that although Mushi can be straight-forward when calling out misplays, he explained that the captain only wanted each member to further improve and harness their talents. Ho even stressed out how grateful he was having Mushi as a teammate and that it helped him improve during his time with Fnatic.

Dota 2 Oversight of True Sight

Ho also noted that True Sight failed to show the amount of time that Mushi spent coaching every members of Fnatic. According to him, the film failed to portray the bright side of Mushi and how he can be cheerful with jokes at times - lightening up the atmosphere for each member. Aside from that, the captain also uses some of his replays; criticizing all of the mistakes that he made in every game and encourages everyone to avoid such things. At the end of the thread, Ho blatantly stated: "True Sight did not really focus on the people--only on the pressure. After two months together without results, yes, this is what happens under pressure."

True Sight Episode 2 was released on Nov. 30 at 6:00 p.m. PST. It is still unknown if this would be the last set of the documentary as Fnatic recently released three of its core members including Jimmy Ho.

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