Here Are The Fixes The Recent Tom Clancy's The Division Maintenance Brought

Yesterday, Ubisoft implemented a server maintenance to Tom Clancy's The Division. This was announced in the studio's official forums, with the exact time pointed out. Albeit to the knowledge of many, the downtime was meant to introduce a couple of fixes. They're mentioned below.

According to PlayStationLifeStyle, the maintenance took place around 3:30 AM EST (12:30 AM PST) yesterday. It lasted for around 3 hours. Apart from the fixes it brought, it also substantially cleaned up the game's official servers.

First on the list is a fix on a certain Tom Clancy's The Division bug. It's where Larae Barret tends to remain unmovable on the Lexington Event Center's balcony. Also, Barret's high-end armor talent bug was resolved. It's when the said talent wouldn't work accordingly following a character death or phase transition.

As for players complaining about Colonel Bliss' holster not dropping, this has been fixed. This one here tends not to drop in the mission called General Assembly. As for those who're experiencing a black screen once the cutscene in Brooklyn is watched, this is a non-issue already.

It's also worth noting that all High-End Tom Clancy's The Division items, which are below level 30, will now be automatically re-enrolled to level 30. If, for instance, a player will be able to acquire an item that's below the said level, its level will remain the same with the aforesaid figure. As for the High-End items equipped below level 30 characters, this have been removed. Nonetheless, they'll be replaced with a much basic starter gear.

Lastly, the game's Stick Bomb PvP has been slightly overhauled. The damage modifier, in particular, has been decreased so as to limit the possible potency of a skill, especially when used on other players. Although it's still possible to go for Sticky Bomb one shots, they'll be now accessible only by highly specialized characters and/or in some special cases.

What are your thoughts on the changes made to Tom Clancy's The Division? How about the fixes brought by the maintenance update? Share to us what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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