Super Mario Maker 3DS Review: Nintendo Needs To Add One feature To Make It A Bestseller

By Nick Halden , Dec 02, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Super Mario Maker is a game quite popular both to critics and players alike. The game however, lacks one feature that could increase its popularity among its fans and players.

What is Super Mario Maker?

Super Mario Maker was first release a Wii U game on 2015. The game allows players to create their own course and obstacles for Mario to overcome. The 3DS version is now available however; both critics and players note that the toolkit is missing a few features compared to the Wii U version. Most of the important ones though are present and the 3DS version now allows players to play it while on the go.

Due to its small screen, some players feel "cramped" when playing Super Mario Maker in the 3DS in contrast to the Wii U console. The new mobile game however, also includes ready-made and playable levels which can served as an inspiration and give players an idea on how certain mechanisms work.

Nintendo 3DS Lacked Online Features

Many critics and players find the lack of online features in the game and 3DS itself as its major downside, according to MIC. After creating elaborate courses and levels, players will want to share their work to other fans. Unfortunately, the only way the courses could be shared is via local connection (LAN) or the 3DS connection StreePass. The sharing of customized levels can be difficult if 3DS owners could not find fellow players near their area.

Super Mario Maker players find it hard to keep making interesting courses and levels if they know that not many people are going to play them. Critics and players are wondering why Nintendo did not include an online feature for the games since the 3DS version of the game can actually interact online. Gaming observer believes that Nintendo may have overlooked the lack of Internet connectivity. So far, the Japanese company has yet to address this crucial issue.

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