Super Mario Run News: Can This Nintendo Mobile Game Overtake Pokemon Go's Popularity?

Super Mario Run is set to debut in the iOS mobile platform on December 2016 and the Android OS at some later date. Nintendo hopes it can overtake Pokemon GO in terms of popularity but is it possible?

Super Mario Run - Pokemon GO Comparison

Nintendo has scheduled the launch of Super Mario Run in the iOS device this December while Android users can get it at some later date. Pokemon GO on other hand was launched simultaneously on both the iOS and Android.

Pokemon GO is free to download and play mobile game. Players may also choose to pay for certain items in the game to hasten their progress but all of the items are generally free. Nintendo however, would charge prospective users $10 for every Super Mario Run download.

When it comes to popularity, Pokemon GO was widely anticipated in many countries even before its release. The mobile Pokemon game owed much of its popularity through word of mouth, according to Peanut Labs. On the other hand, many people have no idea that Super Mario Run is going to be launched soon on mobile devices although they are familiar with the Mario character.

Can Super Mario Run Succeed?

Pokemon GO was able to achieve more than $600 million in terms of revenue despite being free mobile game within a period of more than three months. This phenomenal achievement will be difficult to duplicate even by Pokemon GO since its user base has been declining significantly.

Nintendo will have to work very hard just to inform prospective mobile players about the existence of Super Mario Run. After a massive information campaign, the Japanese company would also need to engage the players similar to Supercell's engagement with Clash of Clans.


By comparing Pokemon GO with Super Mario Run, Nintendo will have to go all out in promoting it and should consider making it a free to play mobile game.

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