Here's How You Can Share Super Mario Maker 3DS Levels Online, Wait

Super Mario Maker 3DS is just around the corner and one of the main questions players have is how they can share their levels online. Here's how you can do it; however, this is all wishful thinking because the most beloved feature is absent in this version.

When Super Mario Maker debuted on the Wii U, there level making was one of the features that draw a lot of fans into the game. It does not only inspire interaction but it also inspires players to be creative. Fans are happy to upload the levels they made and try out those that were created by others making the game very dynamic. But there's one more thing that Nintendo achieved with the game: it was able to create its own social platform - the Miiverse.

Playing other people's levels provide inspiration and encouragement for each other. Designing a game is dificult, unless you don't know, and seeing people enjoy the fruits of your labor on Super Mario Maker overshadows all the hardwork you had undergone to build that level. Moreover, it was the main reason why a lot stuck with the game.

With that feature missing on Super Mario Maker 3DS Online, what would happen to the game? Chris Kohler of Wired sums that up nicely in his review.

"Without online game sharing, or transfers back and forth between 3DS and Wii U, or anything that allowed you to share your creations with more than just the people in physical proximity to you, this winds up mired in its shortsightedness—and miring you, as well, in whatever few dozen levels Nintendo's algorithm plucks from the millions available online," he said.

However, Super Mario 3Ds is not that bad because you can still share levels with your friend but only locally using their 3DS handheld consoles.

Super Mario Maker 3DS will be released today Dec. 2.

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