Transformers: Forged To Fight - Autobots And Decepticons Continue Battle On Mobile Game

By Nick Halden , Dec 02, 2016 04:50 AM EST

Transformers: Forged to Fight will feature Autobots and Decepticons continuing their battle on the mobile platform. The upcoming Transformer game is due for release in the early parts of 2017.

Transformers: Forged To Fight Details

Transformer fans will have the chance to pit the Autobots and Decepticons to battle once again in this upcoming mobile game. Mobile game developer Kabam Games has released a promo video trailer which could be seen here.

Free Game with In-game Purchases

Interested players will be glad to know that the upcoming Transformers: Forged to Fight is a free to play game. There will be some microtransactions involved in which players will need to pay if they want to unlock the new Autobots or Decepticons. The developer however, has yet to announce which characters are free and those which requires payment.

A Fighting Game Involving Transformers

The promo video and its title clearly indicate that Transformers: Forged to Fight is basically a fighting game. The first two combatants shown were Optimus Prime and Megatron. Other robots featured are Starscream, Hound and Windblade

Gaming critics observed that upcoming mobile share's a lot of similarities with Contest of Champions. However, instead of featuring Marvel characters, the combatants are now Transformers. Mobile player can create and join alliances in their PvP battles.

Players will also have a variety of Transformers to choose from either from the Autobot or Decepticon camp. The characters however, will either be free or would need to be purchased from the game. Player may need real world cash to unlock the characters. The game is not limited to simple combat; it seems players can also build a base in the game.

The upcoming Transformer RPG game will be rolled out in a few select locations or countries possibly on January or February 2017 for the Android and iOS devices. The global release is scheduled on the spring of 2017.

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