‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 11 Air Date Revealed; Leaked Plot And Casting Confirmed?

By Jen Aguilar , Dec 03, 2016 04:10 AM EST
Fans of "The Big Bang Theory" are surely celebrating as its 11th season has been confirmed to air next year. (Photo : MovieScenes/YouTube)

Before stardom hits a tv show, it has to pass all phases of tests. All sorts of rumor from casting to renewal are styled to furnish an emotional machine to the entire crew and even to the fans. It is noteworthy that every program should accept its innate fate of being an endless subject of rumors.

One program that managed to survive the controversies of the media is CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory.” The famous sitcom never failed to impress its audience with its comedic brilliance and funny antics. Almost a decade from its premiere, the series has earned its reputation as one of tv’s leading programs.

Despite cancellation reports after the pending conclusion of its current season, series creator Chuck Lorre confirmed its 11th installment and announced its premiere in December. Although another report cited a September 2017 release date, it’s glad to know that we can finally sigh with relief that season 11 could start its production anytime soon.

Can fans expect the show’s major characters to return except for Jimmy Parsons?

It was previously reported that a spin-off series on Sheldon Cooper’s life is in the works. According to a source, “CBS may feature a young Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons, as he grows up in Texas.”

Laurie Metcalf is presumed to join the new show and might reprise her role as Mary.

To recall, Kaley Cuoco has been dragged in the rumor mill as the main reason for the show’s rescission. Allegedly, the actress has caused major problems on the management due to salary demands and insecurities. As one of the popular stars of the multi-awarded program, she is receiving an enviable $1 million per episode on her current contract but it seems that the expensive rate is not enough. Known as Penny in “TBBT,” she is said to have required a higher pay leaving the network and the producers disappointed.

Another speculation is Cuoco’s theorized jealousy on co-star Melissa Rauch. Playing the role of Bernadette, Rauch has been earning positive reviews and has more exposure time than the past seasons.

So much with the gossips, the great news is “The Big Bang Theory” season 11 is coming to screens. Here’s the catch: A leaked plot is making rounds on the web and the storyline couldn’t be more exciting.

  • Amy's parents to meet Sheldon and his friends.
  • Howard and Bernadette to begin their family journey with their newborn baby.
  • Leonard and Penny to permanently live together (just like Amy and Sheldon).
  • Amy and Sheldon to get married.
  • Stuart to find a partner or another major story line.
  • Leonard and Penny become the godparents of Howard and Bernadette's baby.
  • Penny's maiden name revealed.
  • Priya makes a comeback.
  • Howard's father shows up out of the blue.

Now, this mini-arc will take everyone on a crazy ride. Are you ready? You better be. Because hopes are high that the cast remains just as every viewer deeply wished.

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