Why ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Is Doomed To Its Bitter Ending

Why ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Is Doomed To Its Bitter Ending
Rumors are rife that the popular sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" season 10 is its final installment. Insecurities and salary demands of the cast are reported to be the reasons of its ugly ending. Photo : TelevisionPromos/YouTube

As famous as it can get, CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” is hinted for its major shutdown. How can a recipient of Emmy’s, Golden Globes and People’s Choice Awards just let go of a nearly decade of comedic brilliance and hilarious entertainment?

Rumors have it that the current season of the popular sitcom is fated to be its final run. Read the latest updates below and convince yourself that the gossips remain as they are.

Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons To Leave The Series?

Kaley Cuoco’s name has been active in headlines recently as the actress was reported to have caused problems on the showrunners due to salary and insecurities. As one of the major stars of the multi-awarded program, she is receiving an overwhelming $1 million per episode on her current contract but it seems that the big amount is not enough. Popularly known as Penny in “TBBT,” she is believed to require a higher pay instead which the producers and the network refused.

Another reason is her alleged envy on Melissa Rauch. Her role as Bernadette has been earning positive comments and has more exposure on screen than the previous seasons.

Johnny Galecki also joined the rumor mill as his name was dropped to leave the comedy show if Cuoco will be fired. The two have developed a deep friendship while filming the tenth and previous seasons of the series, particularly when their characters got married.

Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) is reportedly demanding an increase in his pay as well. Considering the number of prestigious recognitions that he brought to the show, the press and fans of “TBBT” couldn’t doubt the said allegation.

Strengthening the termination of the sitcom’s cast members and its uncertain fate is the short response of executive producer Steven Molaro. When asked about the future of the show, he gave a teasing "I don't know" answer. Molaro then elaborated that series’ writers are taking things slow in terms of the storylines and are not dwelling on the issues. As with the controversies on salary, the producer said that it is not his concern to raise the digits.

A Spin-Off On Sheldon Cooper’s Life In The Works?
“The Big Bang Theory” season 10 is presumed to be the final installment of the series as a spin-off show about Sheldon Cooper is reportedly set to take over. A source mentioned that “CBS may feature a young Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons, as he grows up in Texas.”

Laurie Metcalf is theorized to join the new show and might reprise her role as Mary.

CBS, the “TBBT” producers and the cast are mum on the gossips. Their silence is so loud that rumors keep swirling. To date, it’s safe to slam all the ugly speculations. If one day, one of them speaks up and make the big reveals- validating the various hypotheses in the web, then their millions of followers just have to bite the bitter reality.

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