Ed Boon Talks About How An Uppercut Started Mortal Kombat

By K.C , Dec 03, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Mortal Kombat was first developed way back in 1991 by only a handful of four people - including the game's designer, Ed Boon. 25 years later, Boon recalls the conception of the original Mortal Kombat series and how it all began from a single uppercut.

The Beginning of Mortal Kombat

In an interview by Game Informer, Ed Boon the game designer and co-creator of Mortal Kombat, recalled how the Mortal Kombat series began and the factor that drove it to success. Unbeknownst to many, Mortal Kombat started in a handful of four-member team including Boon, alongside John Tobias, John Vogel and Dan Forden. But despite a limited number of people, the developer implied that the development of the game wasn't that hard considering that it only requires to people jumping around and do stuff.

But what actually makes Mortal Kombat appealing and unique? Well, it's all because of the bloody and horror theme of the game that makes it enthralling and cathartic. And according to Boon, it all started from a single uppercut. During the interview, Boon said: it was like the most surreal thing seeing 30, 40 people crowded around the game and when they would see something crazy happen when they just saw an uppercut or blood or something like that... they were literally running around out of excitement. Running around the machine."

After that incident, all of the people, including the management, were already on his desk, rooting for the development of the bloody game. That single momentous incident would then mark the serialization of Mortal Kombat that would later then develop into multiple sequels throughout the years - all because of a single bloody uppercut.

The latest iteration of the franchise is Mortal Kombat XL which is now available in all respective platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Android and iOS.

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