Battlefield 1 Bug Causes Resolution To Fall To 160x90

By K.C , Oct 20, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

EA Dice has its hands full with issues lately starting from the hacking issues up to the current in-game bug which apparently causes your screen resolution to dramatically drop at 160x90. The problem was first noticed when a Youtube page, VG Tech, uploaded a video of what seems to be a rare glitch in the game.

A brief overview about the bug was explained in a video courtesy by VG Tech which, according to them, was the result of the game's dynamic resolution on the PS 4 Platform. The bug was the result of the constant shifts of Pixel counts in-game which are particularly common for high FPS games. A detailed explanation about dynamic resolution and how it works can be found in a video here.

According to VG Tech, so far the glitch was only noticed on the PlayStation 4 platform. They encouraged other players to post whether they've encountered the same problem on a different platform. Also, they stressed out that during the time of recording, all the video settings were set to default except for "depth of field" which they had turned off.

Moreover, VG Tech stated that the highest and lowest pixel counts which was found from the regular gameplay was sitting at around 1807x1014 and 1100x620. When the rare glitch occurred, the resolution suddenly drops at 160x90. So far, this has been the lowest resolution ever recorded as a result of the dynamic resolution of the conquest mode in Battlefield 1 for the PlayStation 4 platform. Exact images of the glitch can be found here.

It would be interesting how EA Dice will resolve this issue considering that the official launching of the game is just hovering in the corner. With the latest hacking issues, it appears that EA Dice will even be busier in the following days.

Although this issue is certainly not a deal-breaker, there are some players that are keen and sensitive with regards to resolution problems, which as you can remember, recently hit Mafia 3 with their FPS cap issue.

What do you think of the latest glitch in Battlefield 1? Have you ever experienced this bug as well? Share your experiences in the comments section down below!

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