‘Criminal Mind’ Season 2 Spoilers, News And Updates: Gibson's Return Highly Possible; Here's How He Might Make A Comeback

In keeping with its fast-paced story-telling, "Criminal Minds" season 2 episode 7 has the BAU facing more dangerous enemies. The episode involves close calls and a lot of twists and turns. An old adversary, Mr. Scratch, appears to be lurking around every other corner in the show. This could probably pave the way for Hotch's comeback.

Tara Meets Her Impostor Brother

In episode 7 of "Criminal Minds" season 2, Tara was met by her supposed brother Gabriel. However, she notices that there's something different to the guy who is posing as her brother. That man is not Gabriel but Desmond who is afflicted with a dissociative illness that induces him to forsake his true identity, through the help of none other than Mr. Scratch, or Peter Lewis.

Tara's real brother was held up somewhere in episode 7 of "Criminal Minds" season 2. But by way of some sets of numbers and a voice record of Gabriel where he is heard shouting "Luke" over and over again, Tara was able to discover a message in a verse contained in a gospel of the Bible. They used the information from these sources and were able to locate Gabriel just in time before the blast of nails from above could kill him.

A Logical Reason For Hotch's Return

Hotch was earlier cut from "Criminal Minds" season 2 allegedly for some violent altercations with the showrunners. The show's ratings plummeted when fans were not able to see Hotch doing his thing on the show anymore. However, an earlier episode showed that Hotch, together with his son are in some kind of a witness protection program.

The WPP is supposed to protect them from who else but Mr. Scratch. It appears that the terrorism that this villain is inflicting at BAU is stepping up into a higher level. Could this be the possible reason that the showrunners have thought of so that Hotch could logically return to the show? Fans have to wait for the release of the upcoming episode to know if Hotch will indeed come back.

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