Pokemon GO Tracker & Sightings New Update: Sightings Activated If No Pokestops Present

By Nick Halden , Dec 03, 2016 04:30 AM EST

The new Pokemon GO Tracker and Sighting is currently being rolled out in North America and European countries. The in-game tracker appears to have caused confusion among Pokemon GO players.

How is the New Tracker Working?

Pokemon GO reddit thread, TheSilphRoad is filled with players trying to make sense of the new tracker. Reports of a current nest migration have added to the confusion as well. One reddit poster summarized the current situation.

Pokemon GO players will get to use the San Francisco Nearby version if they are near a visible Pokestop that spawns several Pokemon. Players however, will not see the Pokemon on their tracker if the Pokemon spawn near the Pokestop is less than three. The critters will instead show up in the mini-bar.

Pokemon GO players lucky enough to all the Pokemon revealed by the SF tracker will return to the old Sighting system. Those who cannot see a Pokestop near them and no Pokemon are spawning at the same time will also get to use the old Sighting.

Sighting's Range Increased?

Other Pokemon GO players are claiming that the Sighting's range seemed to increase if there are no Pokestops nearby. However, a number of critics point out that even if the range is extended actually catching and collecting the Pokemon is another thing. Sighting is merely informing the trainer that a particular Pokemon is located within the catch radius. Increasing the Sighting range also means that Pokemon GO players will need to cover a lot more ground.

Other reddit posters think that the new tracker is actually good at revealing Pokemon nests. A photo was submitted to the forum as evidence. Some Pokemon GO players however, discounted such reports. They believed that getting near the nests will still need the presence of Pokestops. It seems the lucky players are those living near Pokestops. Many are reporting that Pokemon simply appear inside their house.

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