Pokemon GO News, Rumors, Leak: Ditto Is Now ‘Encounterable’ And Ready For Gym Battles

Pokemon Go had a recent update that initially seems to be a minor one. However data miners were able to uncover codes in the new APK that indicate that Ditto is now "encounterable" in the wild.

Secrets Of Pokemon GO APK 0.47.1 Update

Data miners have uncovered earlier codes referring to Ditto but these new ones are the most concrete evidence yet, according to the Silph Road. The new APK codes mentioned that the elusive Pokemon is now "encounterable" which could mean that its "capturable".

Unfortunately, no one can confirm yet of encountering a Ditto in the wild as of press time. The codes however, are complete and all Niantic has to do is enable it. Other Ditto codes seemed to indicate that it could participate in gym battles. Ditto sound effects and background graphics have also appeared in the APK. One interesting Ditto detail is a "spotlight" graphic that may indicate the Pokemon's location in the map but this is still speculation for now. Pokemon GO experts are speculating Ditto is already in the game but it's possible that Niantic made it very rare or may release it at some future time.

New Nearby Tracker Still In the Works

Data miners said that Nearby tracker is directed to hide the Sightings radar when a certain number of Pokemon are discovered. Uncovered Logic codes have the power to decide if Pokemon GO will show the Nearby tracker. The logic is possibly based on some sort of geofence or if there are any Pokestops available in the area.

Pokemon CP Buffs And Nerfs

The data mined details about CP balance namely buffs and nerfs have been confirmed recently by Niantic's official blog. A number of Pokemon such as the Alakazam, Gengar and Rhydon have their CP buffed. The purpose of the recent CP balance is to make Gym battle more accessible to many Pokemon that could not normally compete due to low CP.

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