‘Lucifer’ Season 2 News, Spoilers: Four Standalone Episodes In Season 2; How Lucifer Arrived In L.A, Chloe’s Origin Revealed?

By Mandy Adams , Dec 03, 2016 03:26 PM EST

"Lucifer" season 2, episode 10 revealed more details about Chloe's origin. At the same time, it changed Charlotte's plans for Lucifer's human friend. It will be a long wait before the winter premiere which will return with episode 11 on Jan. 16. While the real purpose for Chloe's existence and how it affects Lucifer might be the biggest storyline, new reports reveal that four episodes in "Lucifer" season 2 will be standalone episodes.

"Lucifer" Season 2 Winter Premiere

"Lucifer" season 2 just became more exciting after Charlotte discovered that Chloe is a gift from God, a miracle. Now that Mama Morningstar knows why Chloe is not just any human, she will change her plan of attack. Amenadiel warned his mother that they should tread cautiously but Charlotte will not relent even after her son warns her about God as according to her, "Your father started all of this."

Lucifer already realized that Chloe is more than just a fascination for him. The reason why he is on earth is Chloe and he will do anything to keep her safe. In episode 11 preview, Chloe suffers from a nosebleed. There were prior spoilers that someone that Lucifer cares for will die in episodes 12 and 13 where a neurosurgeon will come into the scene. This may imply that Lucifer will lose Chloe.

"Lucifer" Season 2 Upcoming Episodes

Aside from the latest developments in the series, the newest winter spoilers reveal that the last four episodes in "Lucifer" season 2 will be standalone. There are no reports whether these episodes are side stories or a prequel but one of the things that might be shown includes how Lucifer found his way to Los Angeles.

At the beginning of the series, Lucifer is already in L.A. where he owns a high end club. Hence, how he found his way to L.A. remains to be a mystery. How Amenadiel carried out God's plans to help a couple conceive Chloe and the details surrounding it could also be part of the standalone episodes. At the moment, however, there are scarce details on what these episodes will feature.

"Lucifer" season 2 will be back on air on Jan. 16, Monday at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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