WWE News Alert: Former World Champion And Current United States Champion Roman Reigns Fired?

Roman Reigns brutalizes Triple H
Roman Reigns brutalizes Triple H Photo : WWE / YouTube

WWE management is not new in firing their top stars. They would do in an instant and without any warning. Superstars are fired for various reasons and all of those reasons shock fans whether these be valid or invalid.

Roman Reigns And His Battle Against The McMahon's

It is fully documented that The McMahon's(including Triple H) hates Roman Reigns and vise versa. Their feud started when Evolution(one of the greatest factions in wrestling) battled the up and coming The Shield. Triple H, a multiple champion, COO and the leader of Evolution set its sights directly to Roman Reigns. It was and has always been perceived that Roman Reigns is the top dog and the biggest threat in The Shield.

The Shield didn't last long due to an apparent betrayal from The Architect, Seth Rollins. All this the The Game, The Cerebral Assassin had plans already in attacking their team from within. Roman Reigns then feuded with Seth Rollins in multiple occasion. Then in WWE Battleground, the former members of the Shield face each other for the coveted title. But that was just a segway on what the war was all about. Triple H was the brain who initiated everything to make sure Roman Reigns won't reach the top.

Wrestlemania 32: Where The Feud Should Have Ended

Reigns and Triple H then made their statements by attacking each other week after week. They were not playing with the rule book as one of the insiders mentioned and they were going all out. Wrestlemania 32, we finally saw them in a official match in which Roman Reigns prevailed. We already thought that this was the final nail in the coffin but we are wrong about that. When Roman Reigns dropped the belt and was suspended(due to wellness policy), we assumed that the Samoan Superman will be gone forever.

Roman Reigns returned, stronger than ever. He haunted everyone who is against his way. He was able to capture the US Title after numerous attempts. His focus was shifted with other things. With Triple H gone from the spotlight due to his work as Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, Reigns seems to have a bright future ahead of him.

Inaugural 4 Way Battle For The Vacated WWE Universal Championship

Finn Balor, the very first WWE Universal Champion vacated his title after a day of winning it. Balor injured his shoulders when Seth Rollins accidentally(intentionally as per Bret Hart) overshoots him in the barricade with a powerbomb. WWE was forced to create a tournament where the four winners will advance to face each other for the WWE Universal Championship. Roman Reigns was gaining the upper hand in the middle of the match when out of nowhere, Triple H sneaked in from the crowd and delivered pedigree towards Roman. He then did it to Seth Rollins and shockingly helped Kevin Owens to win the title.

Backstage Issues And Vince McMahon

Roman Reigns wants everybody to know that he is no push over. He is no ass kisser as shown multiple times. Last week, there was a backstage tension building up when the CEO of WWE Vince McMahon called out Roman Reigns. He accused Roman Reigns botching his spear towards Shane McMahon to injure him in Survivor Series. This allegation started the possibility of Roman Reigns being fired by the chairman. From my perspective, I think this is a setup for another feud with Triple H and run for the gold. Reigns is a worldwide icon right now and firing him won't be good for business.

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