Final Fantasy XV Tip: Don't Go Out At Night

Final Fantasy XV Tip: Don't Go Out At Night
"Don't go out at night." Final Fantasy XV takes this warning seriously. Here's why you would want to avoid adventuring without sunlight.
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Final Fantasy XV introduces a ton of new experiences even to long-time fans of the series. However, there is one feature that stands out: the night mode. While day provides (mostly) safe haven from dark-lurking monsters, nighttime is when the beasts and daemons come out. This is a popular element in video games with day and night cycle, but FF15 makes you actually want to stay in or camp out for the night.

'Don't Stay Out At Night'

While this may seem just a warning to the regular people of Eos in Final Fantasy XV, this actually applies to you, no matter how much of a hot stuff you think you are. I'm no stranger to venturing out at night anyway then proceeding to get my ass whooped by a horde of high-level daemons.

I've recently discovered that I'm not the only one. Friends of mine and Final Fantasy XV players who lurk in forums have encountered the same experience. Some of them even got their first game over. Remember how you thought you were going to win after exhausting your supplies then suddenly the level 30 Iron Giant calls its level 42 friends? Yeah, same.

Aside from Iron Giants, there's imps, soldiers, Red Giants and other things out and about at night in Final Fantasy XV. And this is while the game is on easy. That's right, Final Fantasy XV night mode is ultra scary even when you're playing on easy. Plus the surroundings are realistically dark, which leaves most of what's hiding in the veil of darkness to your imagination.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Well, Ignis is. You probably know by now that the gang's personal chef doesn't like driving at night because of, well, the daemons. However, he would be more willing to do so when you reach level 30.

Apparently, you will be strong enough by then to fight off the daemons that spawn at Final Fantasy XV nighttime. That means that going out at night is not recommended in the early parts of the game. But note that even at level 30, you're still going to have a headache dealing with the dark creatures, so you better have a good strategy if you still want to go adventuring without the sun.

How To Deal With The Daemons

"Don't go out at night." Well, apart from that, you can use some tricks in order to better deal with these pesky creatures. First is to just keep sparring with it or avoiding it until sunlight. Once the first rays of the sun hit the Final Fantasy XV daemons, its health will decrease dramatically. Utilize the warp strike ability and keep your allies alive so you gain EXP once the enemies are dead.

Next is to reach level 30, have Ignis drive the car at night, then open the menu while you're driving. This will not only rack up AP, it will also enable you to avoid the daemons with freaking flaming swords.

How about you? Tell us your experience in Final Fantasy XV's nighttime in the comments below! Meanwhile, check out also our guides to Rusted Bit, Glass Gemstones, Chocobo Pears and Royal Arms locations.

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