FInal Fantasy XV Guide: How To Find All Glass Gemstones

Final Fantasy XV has a lot of challenges to offer, especially the weapon's upgrading system, where players need to find certain items in order to upgrade their weapon. Noctis' weapon, which is called the Engine Blade, will require players to find a Glass Gemstone in order to upgrade it. It can be found in several areas in the game, as well as in playing specific quests.

Where To Find All Glass Gemstone In Final Fantasy XV?

First, players must play through the chapter 3, which will unlock Duscae. From there, players will travel to Lestallum in order to obtain the first Glass Gemstone. For the second Glass Gemstone, players will need to go to Cape Caem in the Hidden Getaway rest spot. The third Glass Gemstone will be tricky. It can be found in the east of Vesperpool, where players must seek a small lake in order to find it. The fourth Glass Gemstone can be found in Altissa, right in The Leville Royal Suite rest area. The final Glass Gemstones can be had when Gladioulus' Survival skill levels up to 6, which will allow enemies to drop Glass Gemstones.

How To Use All Glass Gemstones In Final Fantasy XV?

Glass Gemstones are marked as treasure items in the game, making it a valuable item as it can be sold for a high price. But, this is not how to usually use the Glass Gemstone. It is most importantly to collect as many as possible in order to complete the A Better Engine Blade II Quest in the game. Finishing the quest will upgrade Noctis' weapon, making it more powerful and effective.

Final Fantasy XV is now available and can be played on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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