World of Warcraft News: Nostalrius is Back, How Will Blizzard React?

After much anticipation on the revival of the World of Warcraft legacy server, Nostalrius; its developers have finally confirmed that Elysium will further take on the flames of renewal and aspire to continue what the team has started. Today, we'll be looking at the new and improved Elysium and how exactly are they planning to sustain the unauthorized server.

Nostalrius - Elysium Private Server

Previously, we reported about how Nostalrius is planning to pass all of its codes and tools to Elysium and create a joint server that will merge Nostalrius' database to Elysium - paving the way to a much greater tide surmounting the size of the original server. And today, it's officially confirmed that Elysium will now open its PvP and PvE servers beginning on the 17th of December at 12 p.m. EST. Now that the comeback is made official, how will Blizzard react to this transgression?

What Is Blizzard's Move?

As of the time of this writing, we have yet to get a response from Blizzard regarding their next move on the new legacy server. But it's already common knowledge that regardless of the developers' intentions, private servers will always be illegal and therefore, are liable for criminal sanctions. But due to the widespread impact of shutting down Nostalrius, Blizzard offered ways to ratify the situation which was discussed earlier this year between the top execs of the company and the developers of the server.

The details regarding the meeting was not disclosed but nonetheless, it seemed bright at first for the legacy server until weeks turned into months and months turned into frustration. Now that they've hastily brought about a new legacy server, it's only a matter of time before Blizzard shuts it down again - for good.

How Will Elysium Thrive?

Until Blizzard permits the establishment of the private legacy server, Elysium wouldn't thrive. But the developers of Nostalrius once hinted that Blizzard is open on the idea of creating their own legacy server. When and how will it commence is still a mystery as the company has yet to announce any statement regarding the matter.

Despite the outcry of the many, everything still relies on the hands of Blizzard. Bottom line is, until the studio permits the legacy server, players registering to Elysium will always fear for the liquidation of the new server dubbed "Nostalrius 2.0."

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