World of Warcraft Legacy Server Continues; Return of Nostalrius?

Last April of 2016, one of the largest Legacy private servers of World of Warcraft, Nostalrius, was permanently shut down by Blizzard after the studio filed a cease and desist order to the site. After a series of petitions, Blizzard agreed to make talks with the executives of Nostalrius to come up with a viable solution for a Legacy server. It was that point that the hopes for the revival of Nostalrius rose but days following the last BlizzCon 2016, there weren't any hints that Blizzard is willing to resolve the Nostalrius issue. Now, the developers of Nostalrius have taken the matter into their own hands. Will this be the return of Nostalrius server?

World of Warcraft: Nostalrius

Nostalrius made an announcement via WoWServers subreddit that the server itself will not be returning but in exchange, they will be making their source codes and tools open for the public in the hopes that the Legacy servers will continue to thrive in the near future. One of the first servers to be given by the developers' codes is the Elysium WoW. In its official Facebook post, the developer of Nostalrius shared his insights regarding why they keep on pushing the Legacy server and why they choose Elysium to be given the codes first. You can check the post here.

World of Warcraft: Elysium

According to the developer (name wasn't revealed), their main point of pushing the Legacy server is for the simple fact that Vanilla is an all-time great game and that it deserves preservation and access to all that prefers the game back then.

Unlike that of Warcraft 3, Starcraft 1, Diablo 2, etc., which you can still play today, Vanilla is no longer accessible for people that have purchased the game back in the past. Their main point is that, for those that don't want to continue playing the current content, they should be given a privilege to choose what content they wanted to play, after all, they purchased the version of that game in the first place.

Since in the thriving world of MMORPG where evolution is a constant reminder for progress, some fans prefer to dwell in the past and linger in the nostalgic memories during which they first explored the world of the greatest MMO. It's safe to say that based on the developer's thoughts, only through Legacy server will some fans be able to remain entwined with the game that they love the most.

Future of Legacy Servers

Nostalrius may no longer comeback but it's through the hard work of certain individuals that kept the Legacy servers thriving. With the source codes open to the public, it's just a matter of time before legacy servers will come into being - and also before Blizzard will take actions with regards to the matter. Will Elysium WoW and other Legacy Servers continue? Or Will Blizzard finally put an ultimatum on all aspiring Legacy servers? Check out for more World of Warcraft News!

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