Dead Rising 4 Guide To Combo Weapon Locations [Melee]

Dead Rising 4 GuideTo Combo Weapon Locations [Melee]
Want to collect all the crazy and fun melee combo weapons in Dead Rising 4? Find out where to get them here. Photo : outsidexbox/YouTube

Combo weapons make a comeback in Dead Rising 4, offering crazy and creative tools to bash the zombies' heads with. Because they're so awesome, they are not readily available. You need to find the blueprints, which are scattered all over Willamette in inconspicuous places. Here's a guide to locating melee weapons blueprints.

Blast from the Past: You will come across this during the prologue mission in Dead Rising 4. Once you've entered the military facility, look out for the blueprint in the hallway.

Froztee Penguin: The second Combo Weapon you'll find is called the Froztee Penguin. After the helicopter crashes, find Froztee's locker key near The Thirsty Amazon in the circular bar. Use this key to get the blueprint in a locked cage inside Froztee's Frozen Yogurt shop.

Electric Wreath: In the massive Willamette Memorial Megaplex, make your way to the Miami Boardwalk section. Find Rhiannon Ferosh and look for the blueprint in a locker.

Flaming Helmet: From the Dead Rising 4 Amazon Food Court, head to Medieval Town. You'll come across a Toy Rex shop, which holds the blueprint in its counter.

Floating Lantern: In Kiichiro Plaza, look for Oh-San's Sun & Moon Sushi. You'll find the blueprint in the bar.

Acid Maul: You'll have to put in a little more effort in finding the blueprint for this Dead Rising 4 Combo Weapon. Follow the yellow guides into the Medieval Town and you will eventually come across it.

Santa Trap: First, find the Zom-B safe key in Santa's chair in Santa's Village in the Central Plaza. Go behind the chair and enter the North Pole Town Square Workshop. Use Spectrum Analyzer mode on the bookcase and you will find the Panic Room. Inside is the blueprint.

Laser Sword: From Carribean Cove, head to Miami Boardwalk. On your way, look out for the Charms of Desire shop, inside of which is the blueprint.

Slicing Beauty: Do the first Dead Rising 4 Case. After clearing out a group of soldiers, head inside the tent and get the key. Look for the door with a keypad, enter through and use the key in the locker.

Ice Sword: In Dead Rising 4 Case 2, head over to the apartment above Dodd's Drugs. The blueprint is sitting on the kitchen counter.

Holiday Junk: When you get the mission to investigate Old Town, head to the area next to the Williamette Bus Stop. Look for Santa's chair to find the blueprint.

Roaring Thunder: Also in Old Town, look for the Tetro's Comics & Collectibles shop. The Dead Rising 4 Combo weapon blueprint is on the counter.

Flaming Sword: Still in Old Town, go to the center of a park in the top-left of the map. Use the Spectrum Analyzer to see a digging spot in the ground. Get the Dead Rising 4 Exo Suit (read our guide on how to get it here) to dig the hole, where the blueprint will surface.

Roto Killer: In the same park, walk over to the top part. Look for the blueprint on the ground next to benches near the bathroom.

Bon Bomb: You will encounter this naturally by following the main storyline. At West Ridge, you will find yourself in a room where the blueprint will be sitting on a table.

Glass Knuckles: This one isn't lying on the ground or some counter, you actually have to buy it. The Emergency Shelter Weapon Vendor in West Ridge sells it for $6,000.

Magic Wand: Pay a visit to the Brieder Residence in the Emergency Shelter in West Ridge. You'll find the blueprint in the living room.

Gandelf: This time, visit the house of The Gardener and go to the main bedroom to get the key on a table. Next, use the key on the locker to get the blueprint.

Sledge Saw: Next, go to Willamette Jr. High School. Use the Spectrum Analyzer to look for a digging site. You will need to use the Exo Suit again to dig the blueprint up.

Sentry Kittens: Make a stopover after the dam while on your way to the North Peak. Use the Spectrum Analyser to spot a digging site. Pick up an Exo Suit near the trucks and use it to dig up the blueprint from the site.

Jurassic Barf: When you've arrived at the North Peak, go to The Peaks Motel and head downstairs. You'll find the blueprint on a table beneath the TV.

Back Cracker: Also in North Peak, Nickolls Ink holds the Back Cracker blueprint. It is waiting on the table.

Deck the Halls: During Dead Rising 4 Case 3, find your way to the Jox Residence in the Mountain Ridge Estate. The blueprint is on the kitchen counter.

We'll update this page as we move forward through the Dead Rising 4 story. I'm sure we'll find more melee Combo Weapons' blueprints along the way that can teach us how to combine two completely different items to make into one ridiculous but more powerful weapon. Check out our Ranged Combo Weapons location guide here.

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