Apple iPhone 8 December Update: Everything We Know So Far

The iPhone 8 is one of the most anticipated smartphones to be announced next year (hopefully). With so many leaks and speculations about the iPhone 8, what do we know so far about the device? Here are the things people concluded:

iPhone 8's Casing

According to CNET, Apple is developing the hardware for the iPhone 8 at an office located in Israel. Part of the hardware is the iPhone 8's "edge-to-edge" display where the rumor of the said device being a "folding phone" is believed to be true. Another thing about its hardware is that the iPhone 8 could feature a ceramic body, which can already be seen on the premium Apple Watch Series 2.

iPhone 8's Unique Home Button

It is believed by many tech enthusiasts that the signature home button of the iPhone will have a new design. Rumor has it that the iPhone 8 will ditch the home button and become almost bezel-less. To further support this claim, it is reported that Apple has filed a patent for a transparent fingerprint sensor embedded into a smartphone display back in 2015.

iPhone 8's Display

Talks about Apple will feature a Sapphire display for its iPhones has been a long ongoing topic for a while now. The Sapphire display is said to be an upgraded or stronger version compared to the Gorilla Glass. This concept of the Sapphire display can already be seen in the Apple Watches. It is also believed that the iPhone 8's display could also feature a "curve" display. As to why, it is argued that if the possibility of iPhone 8 featuring a "folding phone" holds true, then it is also very possible that the iPhone could also have a curved display.

iPhone 8's Wireless Charging

To further push the boundaries of tech innovations for smartphones, it is believed that the iPhone 8 will feature wireless charging. One of the many things that tech enthusiasts like to point out is Samsung's pursuit in wireless charging. And to further prove the possibility, the wireless AirPods earphones is a strong proof that the wireless charging feature will be applied to the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8's Dual-lens Camera

With the growing hype for virtual reality, the possibility that Apple will present a more powerful phone camera for the iPhone 8 is a sure thing. Many believe that the iPhone 8 might have a dual-lens camera that could scan the world and overlay 3D objects onto it with high accuracy. About what MP the iPhone 8 cameras will feature, it's anyone's guess as of now.

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