Is Apple's iOS 10.1.1 A Problematic OS?

Apple's iOS 10.1.1 update brings some key bug fixes, but along with that it also brings problems. Here are things that need to be taken a look at what iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners need to know about these iOS 10.1.1 problems as we are nearing its upcoming release.

Problems with the new iOS update

On September, Apple officially released its long-awaited iOS 10 updates. The update delivered a number of positive changes to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. But along with that, it also delivered some problems to those that upgraded from iOS 9 and below. To address these problems, Apple has pushed out a series of bug fixes and updates. The latest is an iOS 10.1.1 update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that comes with a fix for the broken Health app data.

iOS 10.1.1 Problems

While the iOS 10.1.1 update is working okay for some iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners, others are running into some iOS 10.1.1 problems. Recently, there have been a lot of people hearing about various iOS 10.1.1 installation problems, which includes an issue where downloads are locking up.

Here's a quick fix

If this happens to you, all you have to do is to hold down the home button and the power button - the power button and volume down button on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus - until the phone reboots. This will typically fix the issue.

Another issue with the iOS 10.1.1 update

There is also some another serious issue that's causing iPhones to lock up and freeze. Reddit users have also found an issue wherein an MP4 file from a link sent through iMessage will cause any Apple phone running the iOS 10 to lock up all of a sudden. Tests have been issued on devices running iOS 10.1.1 and iOS 10.2 betas and the issue is present on both.

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