Final Fantasy XV Cheats, Trick: How To Regenerate Infinite HP, MP And Unlimited AP

By Jonna Marcaida Calagui , Dec 07, 2016 12:58 PM EST
Final Fantasy XV allows players to use cheats to regenerate HP and MP and get unlimited AP. (Photo : YouTube)

Cheats are not very easy to come by in Final Fantasy XV. But there are certain hacks that you can do to regenerate HP, MP and AP infinitely. Check out this guide and we will tell you how to do these exploits to help you level up in FFXV in no time.

Final Fantasy XV Cheat: Regenerate Infinite HP And MP

Point-Warping helps you save yourself when the battle gets too tough by teleporting on a periphery spot. It's also one of the surest ways for you to regenerate HP and MP infinitely in FFXV. You can regenerate your HP and MP very fast when you use Tech in conjunction to your Point-Warp move. But since you will be out of action until you finished recovering your HP and MP, you should get the Hang In Recovery node in the Ascension Grid first to speed up the regeneration.

This is how it normally happens. But thanks to the exploit of using Point-Warp and Tech, you no longer have to get the Hang In Recovery node. So what should you do? Once you have taken a good amount of damage from fighting, Point-Warp to recover HP and hang in there. Perform Tech as a follow-up attack before you fill up your HP and MP at the end. You will be able to do the finisher by this time and get off your perch. But the game will not be able to register that, which means that Final Fantasy XV's system will think you're still perching. This will make you regenerate HP and MP non-stop long after you are done with the battle.

Take Advantage Of Impunity When Using Royal Arms

What's even better with this exploit aside from helping you regenerate HP and MP infinitely is that you can use Royal Arms with impunity. Typically, using any of the royal arms in Final Fantasy XV will drain your HP and life. This will not be a problem when you use this exploit so you can use the Royal Arms you have to your heart's content and bring even greater damage against your enemy.

A word of caution though: you will stop regeneration when you do try to do three things: load a save, fast travel or restart the game. What you can only do to maximize this FFXV hack is to rent Chocobos or get on a long car ride. It's possible to reactive the exploit whenever you are in combat. However, this Final Fantasy XV cheat may no longer work once you use patches that Square Enix might provide in the future.

Final Fantasy XV [Bonus] Cheat: How To Farm Unlimited AP

As a bonus, we will tell you another hack: how to farm unlimited AP. The steps are pretty simple to follow anyway and you can earn as much as 420 APs per hour when you do it right. Of course, the more APs you have, the more new abilities you can unlock in the Ascension Grid. Here's how it works:

First, complete Chapter 4 in Final Fantasy XV - Living Legend - so that you can unlock the Beast Whistle item. This will allow you to summon enemies anytime and whenever you wish to do so. Go to the desert location near the Hammerhead Outpost where enemies spawn freely. In this same place, you will see a little shack with warp-point. This is another place where you can warp and refill your MP instantly.

Using the Beast Whistle, summon enemies (Press R2 on the controller then D-Pad Right and Summon Enemies). Warp-Strike (Press R1 then Triangle) by using a Greatsword to kill all enemies that will come your way. Each enemy that you will kill in Final Fantasy XV will earn you 1AP instantly. You can actually use other weapons but a Greatswords create more damage with just one hit. Keep on summoning enemies and fight them to farm AP. Use the shack to refill your MP when you run out of it.

Fight Gladious With Warp-Strike On Easiest Difficulty

You may also try the suggestion of another Final Fantasy XV player to farm AP quickly. According to the source of this cheat, you can gain as much as 120 Ability Points in just 20 minutes with this tip. How? Fight Gladious and kill him using the Warp-Strike on the easiest difficulty. Just keep redoing the fight and you can farm AP very quick. For a quicker way, level up the Warp-Strike, use the strongest two-handed weapon in your arsenal and do this while in Wait Mode.

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