Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Use Weapons, Royal Arms, Magic And Elemancy

Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Use Weapons, Royal Arms, Magic And Elemancy
Check out the different weapons, royal arms and magic that Noctis can use in Final Fantasy XV. Photo : GamesRadar/Youtube

Final Fantasy XV has arrived with a more action-packed gameplay. Playing Final Fantasy's latest installment requires that you become a master with defensive and offensive maneuvers. Working with weapons and magic are a must, too. With the help of this guide, you will know about every weapon available at Noctis' disposal. We will give you a quick walkthrough on how to effectively use magic and elemancy and also take advantage of the royal arms.


Final Fantasy XV has seven normal weapons that only Noctis can use. These weapons will help your team win every battle when used properly. Another important thing to note is that Noctis can wield as much as four different types of arms simultaneously. Other members of the team can only wield two weapons at the same time. Remember that each weapon comes with different attacking styles and they can also be used to execute combos during a fight.


In Final Fantasy XV, daggers are special weapons that are best at doing consecutive combo attacks. With a dagger, you can do swift slashes without end and without tiring. It's the quickest weapon to use to quickstep and attack your enemies at the same time. However, it lacks a good amount of damage. For a combo, you can make Noctis throw daggers until the enemy is out of range by pressing the attack button and holding down the analog stick.

One-Handed Sword

The one-handed sword is a versatile weapon that you can use in all kinds of combat, especially closed ones. The damage that the one-handed sword deals is moderate and is best for a hit-and-run style fighting. To perform a combo with this weapon, perform a quick slash and follow it with several more slashes in quick succession. The one-handed sword can also be used to execute an aerial combo, dodge or have Noctis flip back.


Compared to the one-handed sword, the greatsword requires two of your hands to wield. As the greatsword, it can deal some pretty hard damage to several enemies simultaneously. Noctis can also charge the greatsword to do even greater damage. To perform a combo with this weapon, perform a quick initial vertical slash then follow it with a wide horizontal AOE attack. Since the greatsword is heavy, it tends to be slow that makes it easy to counter. Noctis will not be able to airstep when using the greatsword. The best time to use this weapon is during an opening strike like a warp-strike.


The lance is another weapon that deals average damage when used against enemies. But because of this weapon being a long spear, Noctis can effectively use the lance during an aerial attack and stab several enemies as he leaps into thin air. For the combo, Noctis can simply jump into the air and perform aerial strikes to stab and pierce several enemies. He can also do backflips while on the air and charge his lance for a full thrust.


In Final Fantasy XV, machinery is a set of weapons available that you can use in battle. This includes an auto-crossbow, a bio blaster, a chainsaw and other similar machinery that you can use for special attacks or heavy AOE attacks. How? You can charge a chainsaw to go against your enemies. A bio blaster can be used to emit deadly poison gas. The auto-crossbow can fire arrows in rapid succession. But however good the machinery weapon may sound, you cannot use it if Noctis is still in the air or use it and warp strike at the same time.


The pistol is a modern weapon in Final Fantasy XV that allows you to do long-range shooting. This is a helpful weapon if you have scout enemies from afar. It's the safest weapon of choice to dodge an attack, strike from afar or simply wait for the best moment to parry and counter attacks. However, a pistol does not have any combo attack available compared to other weapons in FFXV. It can stagger an enemy, though. So you can attack without any fear of getting hit. Take advantage of this.


Right now, there is nothing much known about shield as a weapon. What's for sure is that you can use this weapon to defend yourself against an enemy's attack. You can also interrupt your enemy with the use of the shield. Most probably, Final Fantasy XV will let you use a shield and a sword, preferably the one-handed sword since the greatsword would be too heavy to wield.

Royal Arms

The royal arms are a special set of weapons that belong to the royal family of the Lucis Kingdom. Since Noctis is the heir apparent to the kingdom, he is the only one who has the ability to use them. The royal arms are very powerful weapons that can break through enemy resistance and boosts stats even passively. You can locate each of the royal arms weapon here.

With the use of the royal arms, Noctis can attack enemies and protect himself at the same time. The first half of Final Fantasy XV is actually about obtaining the 14 royal weapons that includes the Sword of the Wise, the Swords of the Wanderer, the Staff of the Holy, the Trident of the Oracle, the Shield of the Merciful, the Katana of the Fierce and the Sword of the Father to name a few.


Magic is another notable weapon in Final Fantasy XV. Sometimes, weapons become useless during battle when you fight against monsters with magic. The only way to beat them is to use magic as well. Besides, you can do more damage to the enemy when you use magic in fighting. Being adept at magic is also a skill that you need if you want to conquer the world of Final Fantasy.


Elemental magic or elemancy is a staple in the Final Fantasy series. Elemental magic refers to the magic of the natural elements ice, fire and lighting. But unlike with other titles in the series, Final Fantasy XV requires that you create the elemental magic that you wish to have. You can do this by gathering the three necessary elemental energies. Mix any combination of each element so that you can create Blizzard, Fire and Thunder in the process.

The spell damage that each elemancy can create will depend on the amount of energy used when crafting the elemental magic. Definitely, using Fire will burn your enemy while Blizzard will do the opposite and freeze them. If it's raining, using Thunder can increase the damage output upon your enemies.

Ring Magic

The ring magic is actually a royal accessory passed into the royal family. King Regis passed down the ring to Noctis so he became the wielder of the Ring of Lucii with the power to cast powerful magic spells that are non-elemental. Noctis can even cast the death spell with the Ring of Lucii. Not much has been revealed yet regarding the ring magic. But it will not be a surprise to see some famous spells from previous Final Fantasy titles like demi, meteor and ultima or haste, reflect and protect, which are support magic.

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