Sony Xperia XZ On Android 7.0 Nougat Review

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The Sony Xperia XZ and X Compact Photo : Sony Xperia/YouTube

Here is a quick review regarding the Android 7.0 Nougat on Sony Xperia XZ. About the two video sources that I used, the links will be provided down below if you want to see it. Now, let me break it down for you:

Turning on the Device and the Lock Screen. If you have the Sony Xperia XZ running on Android Marshmallow, you know that it takes a million years to wait for it to turn on and use it. Sadly, even with the Nougat, it still is. As for the Locked Screen, you will notice that the Xperia XZ running on Nougat will have "inverted colors" on the locked screen.

Home Screen. At the home screen, try to swipe down on the top, you will find a "Quick Setting" menu there where the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flashlight, Screen Rotation, and Airplane Mode can be found. You will also notice an improvement with its notifications. Swiping it down again and it will show you the rest of the Quick Settings and the option to edit and add them. You can even adjust the size of the icons from small to large.

Next, if you swipe it from the left, the Google Now will be brought up. Personally, I wanted to know if there is an option where you can change that like instead Google Now popping up, it would be an app of your personal choice. About what happens if you swiped it down from the bottom or right, neither of the two video sources did try it.

Camera. With the Xperia XZ running on Nougat, users can now adjust the shutter speed and manual focus. Also, another great thing about the camera is that everything seems fast paced now and easy to handle. Honestly, there was a time when users had to wait to go into the camera app, wait to take the shot and wait to go to the gallery, which is now non-existent with the Xperia XZ running on Nougat.

Multi-tasking Two Apps. One thing that the Nougat had caught the attention of people was its ability to multi-task apps. On the Xperia XZ, users can simultaneously open and use two apps. Sadly, the two video sources did not show if it is possible to play two videos at the same time.

There is also another cool feature to add. Instead of tapping the button at the lower right and scroll to find which app you want to open, you can quickly switch between two apps by just tapping the lower right button twice. About what will happen if you opened 3 apps, the videos sources did not try it.

Settings. If you go to the Settings and you're in silent mode, you will see a notification on top of the screen saying, "Do not disturb is on (Alarms only)". And when you go to the battery settings, you will find that there are many new options available. One of the new options featured is the Stamina Level where you can set restrictions, the device's performance preferred, and the battery time preferred.

Final Thoughts

Personally, it really is nice that there are some improvements with the Sony Xperia XZ running on Android Nougat, especially the multi-tasking and battery features. However, it feels a bit underwhelming compared to the update that the Samsung Galaxy S7 has.

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