Dave Chappelle Comments On Donald Trump, Talks About $60M Project

By Dez Bryant , Dec 07, 2016 10:27 PM EST

Dave Chappelle is the realest comedic stand up ever and we all know that. He literally doesn't give a damn on who or what he will talk about. He believes that people wants to know the truth and he uses comedy as his way to relate it to the public.

The Return Of Dave Chappelle

This might be the greatest gift to all Dave Chappelle fans. Tagged as a "different kind of beast" by Chris Rock, he is back with ample of comedy sketches. You don't believe me? Well, just watch his epic parody about The Walking Dead Series. He clearly killed it as commented by the public. Dave Chappelle was on fire when he appeared as the host of SNL. He was able to inform and educate the audience with the current events by using punchlines.

During his epic segment on The Walking Dead Series parody, Chappelle brought back some of the iconic characters in his previous TV series called Chappelle show. We saw Tyrone Biggums first, a crack addict and doesn't consider "Negan" as a threat. Next was the player haters where they literally roasted "Negan" and dropping the ‘N' word and three more special characters. Some of the fans were waiting for "Rick James" cameo appearance but it didn't happen. Overall, his segment was so great, it help SNL ratings reach the top of the summit. It was reported that Dave's appearance on SNL was the highest rating they have for the past 5 years.

Dave Chappelle On Donald Trump

Again, there are no exclusions with Dave Chappelle. You might be the king of your kingdom or the President of the United States, he just doesn't give a damn. Chappelle was asked again about Donald Trump's future projects. Chappelle was expletive with what his thought was and was able to plug in his new project while talking about Trump. Dave Chappelle signed a deal with Netflix in a whopping $60M deal.<./a>

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