'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 71 Spoilers: Goku To Not Survive In New Arc? Gohan To Replace Him In Taking Charge

By Marion Villareal , Dec 07, 2016 08:53 PM EST

As a new arc approaches on "Dragon Ball Super" episode 71, there have been many speculations and theories to its upcoming storyline. One of which is Goku not surviving battle, lead of the group to die?

Hit To Assassinate Goku In Battle Of Universe 6 and Universe 7 in "Dragon Ball Super?"

The new arc of "Dragon Ball Super" is going to be entitled "Hit Saga" wherein Hit comes to assassinate Son Goku. Aside from this small yet very important detail, there hasn't been any more information that was leaked with regards to this storyline. However, there have been speculations that when Goku faces Hit's assassination, Gohan will be taking over as in-charge of the situation. There is no telling what might happen but the fans believe that in complete dismay, Goku might be facing his death in the new arc.

Hit will be coming to assassinate Goku in a battle between Universe six and seven to which the unknown is about to happen. His return to "Dragon Ball Super" has been feared by the fans knowing what he is capable of doing and afraid that it might be done to Son Goku. Thus, given his powerful killing skills and the fact that he did almost defeat the Saiyan in previous episodes, the next two weeks might just be the end for Goku. Since the only reason that Hit did not kill Goku during their last encounter was he was not allowed to kill in the tournament back then, there is no telling what he could possibly do this time.

Leaked Episode Titles Lead To The Conclusion Of A Saiyan's Death In New Arc Of The Series

Some of the fans believe that Goku will possibly meet his death since killing off a Saiyan would still make sense in the storyline, although not by that much. Due to the conclusion of the Future Trunks arc, the Omniverse tournament is already around the corner. Thus, the teased episode titles and synopsis have led the fans to believe that Goku could in fact die in the hands of the strongest assassin in the next coming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super."

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