Galaxy Note 7: Everything Samsung Needs To Turn A 180 And Save Its Branding

Galaxy Note 7: Everything Samsung Needs To Turn A 180 And Save Its Branding
Samsung may not have ended its year on the high that it expected, but it has all the drive and potential to turn things around in 2017 - with the release of the Galaxy S8, which is shaping up to be a spectacular device. Photo : Android Authority/YouTube

With all the bad press that has followed Samsung in the last few months of the year, the tech giant definitely needs to blow the smartphone market away with its next flagship. There is little time to salvage the trust and enthusiasm that the public still has on the company, but Samsung definitely has the drive and potential to turn things around. And with how the Galaxy S8 is rumored to be shaping up, it looks like it will be smooth sailing.

Everything started to go downhill when several reports started to pop up about exploding Galaxy Note 7 units. Samsung then decided to recall and replace its first shipment of the device. Then the second shipments were getting the same defeating reports and the company decided to forego the generation altogether. What adds insult to injury is that plenty of the tech world was already hailing the unit as the best smartphone of 2016 - before the batteries were proven to be unstable and dangerous.

Next year will definitely still hold some bad air for the company, but Samsung is poised to release the Galaxy S8, its next flagship and the device that can make or break the company. As C|Net notes, there will definitely need to be some fantastic features, great quality for the money and transparent safety testing methods. In this way, the company can solidify the wavering trust of consumers and finally bring its units to light again.

Rumors are indicating that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come in two sizes - much like the reigning 5 inch Galaxy S7 and 5.5 inch S7 Edge, which have definitely helped keep the company afloat. And while there will be some differences between the variants, there will share plenty of the same specifications.

This includes a dual curved display, a 4K pressure-sensitive screen, two rear cameras, a new digital assistant "Bixby" and a Samsung Pay rewards program. Both units are slated to be of the "Edge" variant, with one likely to be more so than the other - the Galaxy Note 7 was, after all, slightly curved at the edges as well. Meanwhile, Bixby is said to be coming from the brain behind Apple's Siri.

XDA Developers adds that the upcoming flagship might come without a home button and other bezels. If this happens, the OLED display will cover the entire unit with Samsung will install technology like that of Apple's iPhone 7. This is a growing trend in the industry and is definitely a possibility.

Samsung, while it still has one of the better camera systems and displays in the market, definitely needs to step it up with the upcoming device. This year saw the entrance of the iPhone 7 Plus and the Pixel devices - each of with blow its competition away in terms of photo quality. In order to truly stand out, the Korean tech giant needs to match or trump others in this feature.

What is arguably the most vital, however, is that the Galaxy S8 needs to give buyers quality for their purchase. It is no secret that Samsung's units have been expensive. The price has always been justified, but the company needs to do more in order to win back its clientele, many of whom have looked to others for their needs.

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