The Last Guardian Guide: How To Get The Full Ending; Learn What Happened To Trico

The Last Guardian Guide: How To Get The Full Ending; Learn What Happened To Trico
Wanna know what happened to Trico? Make sure you get to watch the true ending of The Last Guardian! Photo : RabidRetrospectGames/YouTube


The Last Guardian's ending is a little too emotional for us. However, there's a true ending that gives us more satisfaction than the widely known one. A few only know about it as it is somewhat hidden and can't be seen if you don't really know about it. If you haven't gotten the trophy for finishing the game, you haven't seen the full ending. Here's how to trigger it.

 How To Get The Last Guardian's True Ending

After that tearful ending, you will be directed back to the first screen. This will be familiar to you as it is the same one you saw when you first booted up The Last Guardian. You'll quickly notice that there's nothing in this screen that asks you to interact with it. At this point, most users will shut down their PlayStation 4 or load a different game. But don't.

Waiting around will do nothing either. So just randomly until you see another scene. Just make sure you stay for the after credits. You can also skip the credits and the scene will still play. After you have watched all the way through, you'll get a trophy notification for finishing the game. If you want to know more about the real The Last Guardian ending, read on.

What's The Last Guardian's Actual Ending? [SPOILERS]

From this point onwards, there will be massive spoilers. If you don't want to know, I suggest you close this article now and get back to adventuring with Trico and see the ending for yourself. If you really want to know, however, then feel free to stay.

The Last Guardian ending we all know is the one where Trico gets the boy to the village. Of course, the inhabitants ready their spears. They don't know what the boy and the beast have gone through; all they see is a giant monster.

The boy is taken away from Trico then we see it fly away with spears on its back. Many have assumed that it dies because of a villager commenting "I doubt it has long to live." And then we see The Last Guardian credits. Frustrating, I know, but follow the directions above and you'll witness another scene.

You will see the same shield that was used to guide its tail lightning almost completely buried in the dirt. Children will be gathered around it, but then a full-grown bearded man arrives with tattoos on his body. He picks it up and activates the magic, then the scene pans to the place where the boy first encountered Trico in The Last Guardian.

Then we see a pair of green eyes in the dark. Is this Trico? Maybe it is. But then another smaller pair of eyes appears beside it. We can also hear something that sounds like our buddy but seems to be smaller. By these, we can assume that the feathered mammal is well and alive with its offspring.

Now, isn't that more satisfying? For more on our fun companion, read our The Last Guardian guide on how to understand and take care of Trico.

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