NES Classic Edition Hunters Rejoice! Amazon, Best Buy And Target Will Have New Stocks Soon

Amazon, Best Buy and Target will have the hard-to-find NES Classic Edition gaming console in stock.

On Monday, Dec. 12, Target will start offering the mini NES at 8 a.m. AEDST online. A report shows Target Australia's customer service confirming the news to some of its customers. The retail store has also indicated that one needs to have an online Target account before making a purchase. The customer service also stressed that the console "is not secured until the payment is finalised". Also, non-Australia residents will need to have the console shipped to them.

Amazon earlier teased the console's availability with a tweet. Today, the company confirmed it will have a limited supply of the console in Amazon Bookstores located in Portland, Seattle, and San Diego. Amazon also tweeted about "more opportunities to purchase" the console this holiday season.

There are also reports that Best Buy may be re-stocking soon. A tweet by a Wario64, a known deal hunter, claims that Best Buy will re-stock on Dec. 20. Twitter user Oscar Muñoz, answered Wario64's tweet by posting a leaked ad from Best Buy confirming the availability. The ad said the consoles "will be available in all Best Buy stores tomorrow, December 20". Apparently, the ad would be released on the 19th but someone beat the retail store to it.

The NES Classic Edition console has been in short supply since it was released. Suffice to say, fans of the console has been upset which is quite understandable after how Nintendo hyped the device so much yet fail to meet the demands when its popularity skyrocketed.

In fact, on the first day of its release, people gobbled up the mini NES like there was no tomorrow. For those who failed to get one that day, there was indeed no tomorrow as the modern version of the iconic console quickly went out of stock.

With the popular retail companies re-stocking the mini console real soon, the excitement has been rekindled in many. For some who have given up on getting the NES Classic Edition at its actual retail price of $99, have settled on purchasing an overpriced one over at eBay.

But for those who prefer not to spend too much on one device is looking at some alternatives to satisfy their retro gaming fix.

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