Still No Luck Finding A NES Classic Edition? Try These Other Retro Consoles Instead

The search for the NES Classic Edition has been a hard one. Since the gaming console was released, the high demand has yet to be met.

After its release in mid-November, the NES Classic Edition has been a needle in a haystack. Even the latest stock made available in clothing store Urban Outfitters were gone before everyone knew what was happening.

Those who still want to experience some retro gaming but has yet to get their hands on a mini-NES may want to check the following consoles:

Nintendo Entertainment System

Going "old school" with the mini NES is fast becoming impossible. The best alternative way to relive the NES glory is to buy an actual NES - the big one. The NES console sells from $75 to $125 over at eBay for now. But with the sudden surge in popularity of retro consoles, the price may change.

An original NES will not come with pre-installed games. Purchasing separate games is necessary but they are also available online.

Retro-Bit Generations

Game controller maker Retro-Bit has released Generations, a $60 gaming console with HDMI output, two long-cabled controllers and more than 100 games including 70 retro ones such as Bionic Commando and Kid Niki Radical Ninja. Unfortunately, PCMag's review on the console is not that great.

RetroEngine Sigma

Doyodo Team, a design company from Santa Monica, has an Indiegogo campaign to help them with RetroEngine Sigma. Like the NEs Classic, this console comes in a small package. It is a plug-and-play device with pre-installed games. But unlike the mini NES, the RetroEngine Sigma supports additional games and other apps. A number of USB ports plus built-in WiFi and Bluetooth support allow players to use different controllers.

The crowdsourcing campaign has been successful. With a month left before the end of the campaign, Doyodo has amassed $175,330 (as of this writing) from 2,298 backers. That's 877 percent more than the $20,000 fixed goal.

RetroN 5

The Hyperkin RetroN 5 is a great console for those who were able to keep their old game cartridges. It supports games from NES and Super NES, Famicom and Super Famicom, Sega Genesis and Mega Drive, and Game Boy, GB Color and GB Advance.


This console from Japan plays the same games as the RetroN 5 except for NES. It does add TurbografX-16, PC Engine, and Supergraf X to the list, though. Aside from its ability to play the games by pulling the roms from the cartridges, the Retro Freak also has a processing module that allows the user to play games from a microSD card. The company is currently developing a converter that will allow the console to play NES games.

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