Elder Scrolls: Legend News: Sheogorath Is Coming To The Game For A Limited Time Only, Learn The Details Here

Elder Scrolls: Legend has a new offer to the fans of the game. Sheogorath will be coming to the newest feature of the game but for a limited time only. The mode will include exciting features that will surely challenge the players.

Sheogorath Is Coming To Elder Scrolls: Legend

There is good news to the fans of Elder Scrolls: Legend because one of their beloved characters, Sheogorath, is coming to the game. The players must watch out for the Daedric Prince on Dec. 14 when the new PvP mode will be available for all, according to IGN.

Sheogorath's part in the Chaos Arena will last until Dec. 19. As per MMORPG, the arena will be bringing rules and features that were only allowed in PvE mode of Elder Scrolls: Legend. These additional features will have a big effect on how the players will play and will strategize in order to win.

Other Exciting Features Of Chaos Arena

Players should get ready for the other special features of Chaos Arena such as special scenarios like Magicka that are only seen in PvE mode of Elder Scrolls: Legend. The players can change their decks even before starting the game.

The Lane rules are different in Chaos Arena because items will be attached to the cards. For example, the lanes will suddenly change even if the players will not allow it to happen. The players will be receiving rewards just by drawing a card from their decks.

Also, special cards will be released on the start of Chaos Arena. They will be called Madhouse Collection cards. If the players decide to buy the pack, they can access the arena straight away and they can possess three copies of the cards. After Dec. 14, the cards will be purchased using in-game gold.

Elder Scrolls: Legend should grab the opportunity to enjoy Sheogorath's appearance in the game through the Chaos Arena's event. There are other ES games that will be updated by Bethesda next year. Hopefully, this upcoming event will build up the interest of the players.

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