Elder Scrolls Online DLC Release Date: Homestead Update Arriving In February; Here's What's Included

Elder Scrolls Online will be updated but the players need to wait until next year. Bethesda said that the update is for free and new features such as new homes will be included. Players will be able to customize their own homes.

What Is New With Elder Scrolls Online's Homestead Update?

Fans can finally customize and create their own home in Elders Scrolls Online. According to GameSpot, Bethesda will let the players enjoy the game by becoming designers of their own houses in the game. The new homes will be located in different maps.

Once Bethesda launches the Homestead update for Elder Scrolls Online, players will be able to choose from 40 different homes. The players have a wide array of furniture and decorations, as per IGN. The players have the chance to learn how to build their own homes with the help of the tutorial of the update.

The houses are inspired by 10 different races in Elder Scrolls Online. The furniture and decorations can be purchased or created. The players can also display their trophies in their homes, which they have earned from finishing missions.

Other Information About Homestead Update In Elder Scrolls Online?

Players must know that the houses in Homestead update of Elder Scrolls Online are not for free. The players must buy their own homes, according to True Achievements. The players need to pay with gold and in-game crowns.

However, their first homes are rewarded once they have finished the tutorial of the update. Also, the players should not be worried about new homes surrounding their houses because Bethesda made sure that the maps will not be over populated with houses.

Elder Scrolls Online will be more exciting than before. Players are really hoping that they can finally download Homestead DLC pack already. Bethesda is wishing that players will enjoy the game more with the help of the DLC.

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