Tom Clancy's The Division Update 1.6 Coming Soon; What's New?

Tom Clancy's The Division is getting an update again next year. The update will bring an upgrade to PvP mode and Dark Zone gameplay. Players will surely notice big changes once the next year's update is available. But for now, they have to settle for the activation of DirectX 12.

What Is New With Update 1.6 Of Tom Clancy's The Division?

According to the Inquisitr, Tom Clancy's The Division's update 1.6 is created to make the game even more interesting. With the help of the eager players to help Massive Studio, they will be a big help the developer to see if there will be problems with the update.

The 15 selected players will be the lucky people to try out the patch 1.6 of Tom Clancy's The Division. They will be called the Elite Task Force that will be trying out the new PvP and Dark Zone. The players will be playing in Redstorm that specializes in creating the two gameplays.

The Elite Task Force was first created to try the update 1.4 of the game. According to VG 247, the recruitment of the Elite Task Force will start on Jan. 11 to 13. They will be reviewing the upcoming update before every player can download it. 

DirectX 12 Of Tom Clancy's The Division Will Be Fixing The Bugs In PC

Fortunately, the PC players of Tom Clancy's The Division will not be bothered with the bugs in the game. Next week, they will be able to activate DirectX 12 to resolve the issues regarding the graphics at a higher resolution.

Massive Studio has decreased the performance impact in the CPU and fixed the controls of the game in PC. The FAMAS bug has been fixed, too. Players are hoping that they will not be experiencing any problems in using the weapons.

Tom Clancy's The Division team is making sure that its upcoming updates will provide a better gameplay than before. Massive Studio will not be settling for some mediocre features that could cause disappointments to the fans.

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