MacBook Pro News And Updates: New App Lets You Play Piano And 127 Other Instruments On The Touch Bar

Apple just unveiled a new app users can do on the MacBook Pro's newest feature, the Touch Bar. The Touch Bar Piano app is perfect for music lovers and Mac users who are procrastinating.

If the announcement of a new MacBook Pro was music to the ears, now owners of the laptop can play actual music with an app that turns the Touch Bar into a polyphonic piano.

The keyboard plays a total of 128 different instruments, including the piano. Users can change instruments including synthesizers, percussion instruments like the drums and timpani, strings such as the Orchestral Harp and Tremolo Strings, Choir Aahs, and Voice Oohs. 9to5Mac recognized the list of instruments and speculated that the music library is the same with that of GarageBand.

Aside from choosing an instrument, the app also allows the user to increase or decrease the octave and to make the black key touch area size smaller or bigger. There is also an option to include black keys in glissando.

The Touch Bar Piano, which was developed by Graham Parks, is exclusive to the new MacBook Pro, according to reports. As Parks explained, this simply means the app does "nothing useful on other Macs".

While the Touch Bar Piano is a fun new app, it suits people with little fingers more. Big-fingered individuals may find it hard to tap on the keys.

The app can be downloaded over at Utsire. Parks also included his Utsire account on the page to accommodate feedback and queries about the Touch Bar Piano app.

The Touch Bar was probably the biggest surprise Apple had in store when it introduced the new MacBook Pro. The company had a few more changes to the laptop including the ditching of the SD card slot.

Apple has also recently received complaints about the MacBook Pro's battery life.

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